Letters to the editor

Postal service, clean up your act

I am very unimpressed at the postal service around our area as the drivers of the vehicles continuously drive over our front lawns and with all this rain are leaving muddy gullies across our front yards.

Surely they can take the time to get out and put the mail in the box without making a mess for us to clean up. Not to mention all the mud they drag out onto the road which we can be fined for but its OK for them.

- N. Gibbons, Gleneagle

Krause stand against abortion bill

Its all about choice and no one else’s business.

When are people going to understand. No one has the right to say what someone can or cannot do, especially in this situation, with their body.

I think these new laws are the best thing for women and about time too.

- C. Young, via Facebook

Good on Mr Krause standing up for the unborn who do not have a voice.

It’s murder plain and simple. And women may have choice about what to do with their body but the baby inside is a completely different person.

A person who should have a chance at life just as everyone else does. The people celebrating when this bill was passed are disgusting. Celebrating the murder of unborn babies.

- K. Tait, via Facebook

Jon, this is the most archaic article I think I have read yet. You want to put women’s rights back 50 years to protect the rights of freedom protesters? Is that what you’re actually saying here?

For those saying it’s murder, the law states an abortion can be done only at 22 weeks when two specialists sign off saying the baby is not going to have quality of life or there is risk to the mother.

Shame on you Jon. Freedom of speech.... really?

- R. Johnson, via Facebook

I can understand medical reasons for sure but when it’s a perfectly healthy 20 to 22-week-old baby and a healthy mum, that should not be allowed.

They do not need 20 weeks to decide that they do not want the baby. There will be a family out there willing to adopt if necessary which in the current laws is where the focus should be on.

- E. Lambert-Barker, via Facebook

I am writing to highlight to readers that it is critical that more money is invested in mental health support services.

Figures show 62 per cent of all GP presentations are for mental health issues.

More government action is needed because there are now 3.8 million people living with a mental illness in Australia.

A huge 690,000 people live with severe mental illness. A total of 290,000 people live with mental health issues that mean they are facing highly complex challenges which require targeted treatment in the right way at the right time.

We urge readers to open up conversations about mental illness – in their families, communities and workplaces.

We ask people to look past the stigma and accept the person in the same way they would for someone with a more socially acceptable illness.

One of our key messages is that we want readers to be aware people with severe mental illness can live well in the community and do recover if the right clinical and community support is there.

We want to see the federal and state governments invest at least $500 million extra a year into mental health support services.  The time to act is now.

I also want to take this opportunity to highlight to readers that we have a free phone service where people can reach out and get guidance on mental health issues.

All people need to do is call 1800 985 944 or go to minetworks.org.au. 

- T. Stevenson, chief executive, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

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