Sammy’s Walk for Peace in Jubilee Park has been postponed

PEACE: Sammy Pearce is on a mission and is still collecting signatures for his paper petition.

PEACE: Sammy Pearce is on a mission and is still collecting signatures for his paper petition.

THE Walk for Peace organised by 11-year-old Veresdale Scrub State School student Sammy Pearce has been postponed due to weekend weather conditions.

The walk was scheduled to take place at 12pm today but the decision was made yesterday to wait until Jubilee Park is less waterlogged.

A host of fun activities in the park was planned to help the Dream Guards ambassador in his efforts to raise awareness of bullying and collect signatures for his petition to have an anti-bullying program introduced to the Queensland curriculum.

He said it was a hard decision, but the right thing to do.

“I’m really sad that we have to postpone but it’s not very inviting to go and have some fun in the park when it’s raining. It’s not going to be fun for kids or their parents,” he said.

“Mum and I have got messages from people we don’t even know saying sorry that they can’t come because they have young kids or they don’t want to go out in the rain.

“That is very nice of people.”

Mr Pearce said he started notifying people of the postponement yesterday afternoon out of consideration for the official organisations and local businesses who had offered their support for the day.

“We had the SES, police, a fire truck, Parents and Citizens involved as well as the mayor and Mr Krause,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be kind to cancel last minute for all them.

He said he had a few ideas to make the event even more amazing when it did go ahead.

“ I just going to get my mum to give me thumbs up,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter that I didn’t get 10,000 signatures. I tried.

“I got good experiences, new friends and even more passion to try to stop bullying.

“I know something good will happen.”

Mr Pearce said he had received an extension to complete his paper petition and would continue collecting signatures from people in the street for a little bit longer.