McAuley College debut at South-East Colleges Association rugby sevens

The McAuley College rugby sevens team competed in its maiden South-East Colleges Association gala day on September 20.

The wholehearted outfit, which comprised of year seven and eight students, played with pride and determination throughout the tournament.

Sports co-ordinator Amy Richards said it was the first time McAuley College had the numbers to field a side and the young men took the chance with both hands.

“They were super happy to be there and be involved, and demonstrated tremendous team spirit,” she said.

“They already want to play a friendly match of rugby against Emmaus College.”

Mrs Richards said the dedicated players had turned up to school every Friday morning throughout term three at 7am for training.

She said McAuley College also hosted specialists from the Queensland Rugby Union for an intense clinic during which the boys learnt how to ruck and maul like the professionals.

“The boys were so enthusiastic about having the opportunity to do something different,” she said.

“They were committed to developing their skills and learning new plays at training.”

Being a relatively new school and having never fielded a rugby side, McAuley College lacked jerseys so Mrs Richards reached out to the Beaudesert Warriors to borrow a set for the day.

In a wonderful show of community spirit, the Warriors supplied a set of jerseys for the school to keep and also donated some equipment for training drills.

“Thank you so much to the Warriors,” she said.

“They have been so supportive.”