Running Creek Beef passes taste test with flying colours

Running Creek Beef is the latest local gourmet product to be served up on restaurant plates across the south-east.

The product launched on Sunday, with local producers, chefs, hospitality and venue proprietors and passionate supporters of the brand taste testing the premium grass-fed-only beef.

Brand ambassador and experienced Gold Coast chef Troy Hockey prepared a range of delicious dishes, including beef tartare and beef bourguignon.

Guests also had the opportunity to select their preferred cut and have Mr Hockey cook it to perfection right there in front of their eyes.

Owner Deb Richardson said the launch was pleasing with everyone loving the taste of the beef and the variety of dishes.

“They all said you could taste the fuller flavour of the grass-fed, grass-raised and grass-finished beef,” she said.

“It’s a beautiful product.”

Mrs Richardson said Running Creek Beef raised premium, naturally pest-resistant beef on the mountain pastures and crystal-clear waters of Running Creek at the southern edge of the Scenic Rim near the border.

Running Creek Beef’s cattle are free to roam more than 670 acres of tropical pastured countryside which for the most part remains lush despite the drought.

“We get very good rainfall,” she said.

“At the moment we’re a little down on grass just like everybody else but it’s really still quite lush land that the cattle are roaming on.

“It more closely resembles their natural habitat.

“We only bring them down to sell or for basic animal husbandry.

“They are free range and free to roam.”

Mrs Richardson and her partner Rod had been raising cattle on the Scenic Rim for years but were fed up with receiving little return when sending top quality animals to market.

“We decided to take matters into our own hands and retain ownership of the animal, take control of the butchering and deliver the product ourselves,” she said.

“It’s a premium product and it’s going to be available periodically.

“We are seeking Eat Local accreditation and we want to become a more permanent beef provider for Scenic Rim restaurants and domestic consumers.”

Mrs Richardson said she had received great interest from Gold Coast and Scenic Rim restaurants as well as food lovers.

“It’s a product people have been asking for,” she said.

“People want low food miles.

“They want to know where there food has come from and how it was raised.”

Running Creek Beef is delivered fresh from the farm to hospitality and home buyers.