Seqwater assures Beaudesert water is safe

WATER: People in Beaudesert say they no longer trust the safety of tap water.
WATER: People in Beaudesert say they no longer trust the safety of tap water.

AFTER the issue of smelly tap water blew up on Facebook, with many swearing off tap water in favour of bottled water and some even concerned about showering, Seqwater and Queensland Urban Utilities has responded with an explanation.

A statement released on Friday acknowledged the concerns of consumers in Beaudesert.

“In the past two weeks, some residents in Beaudesert have reported a change to the taste and odour of their tap water, the statement read.

“Seqwater has this week completed an upgrade to the Beaudesert water treatment plant. This has included a change to the treatment process within the plant to improve the resilience of water supply in the region.

“During the change to the treatment process, some residents have noticed a change in taste and odour of their tap water.”

Meanwhile some residents said it was not just the taste and smell causing the worry – they said simply showering had triggered rashes and chronic itching. 

Seqwater said over the coming days the new treatment process should reduce taste and odour associated with naturally occurring organic compounds in the raw water supply known as Geosmin or Methylisobornoel.

“These compounds occur in all raw water, present as an earthy or musty taste and are not harmful to health,” it said.

“The change in treatment process will also provide a longer chlorine residual in the treated drinking water to deliver an improved health outcome for the community. This may result in some residents experiencing a higher taste of chlorine.

“All water supplied from the plant continues to meet stringent water quality standards and is safe to drink. Seqwater maintains 24/7 online monitoring of its Beaudesert plant.

“The upgraded treatment process is used by the majority of Seqwater’s treatment plants across South East Queensland.

“Tap water is regularly monitored and tested to verify it meets the rigorous Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the water supplied to Beaudesert continues to meet these guidelines.”