Local Day at Beaudesert Show

Revellers are flocking to enjoy all of the colour and excitement of the Beaudesert Show as it gets underway this morning.

Announcer Angus Lane, who travels around Australia from Darwin to Perth attending 50 shows per year, said Friday was local day which showcased Scenic Rim competitors.

“It allows them the opportunity to compete without the professionals who come in tomorrow,” he said.

“Beaudesert has one of the biggest local days in Australia for a show of this size.

“It’s actually known as the horse capital of Queensland.”

Mr Lane said he had attended 20 Beaudesert Shows and returned year-after-year because it was so well run.

“The Beaudesert Show is so well-organised,” he said.

“There is some absolutely dynamo volunteers.

“That’s why this show will always survive.

“It’s a beautiful showground and a great show.

“I get excited to come to Beaudesert every year.

“It’s a credit to Ian Harrison and the organisers.”

Mr Lane said the rural workhorse challenge at 1pm today, tonight’s Wild West Show featuring Ian Bostock and tomorrow’s smash up derby promised to be highlights of this year’s show.

“The night program has something for everyone,” he said.

“The smash up derby attracts a full house, you can’t find a spare seat.”

He also congratulated the Beaudesert Show for continuing the Ag Ed program.

“They are the only show still doing it,” he said.

“It’s a brilliant program.”