Letters to the editor

Fed up with federal politics

Frankly, I am disappointed that you devoted two pages in your last issue of the Beaudesert Times (29th August 2018) to federal politics.

After being bombarded with this issue by mainstream media, the last thing I expected was your paper, that is supposed to cover local issues, doing the same.

Also, I know there is supposed to be free speech in Australia, however, some of the letters you are publishing are plainly blatant political advertising for federal parties.

Please can you, for the sake of my sanity, reconsider publishing biased political messages?

I hope you are not going to be covering international politics as well.

- D. Naughton, Gleneagle

Thank you, Queenslanders

It has been fantastic to see individuals, local communities and businesses united to tackle one of the worst droughts on record.

There’s one thing that unites us when there’s a crisis. Australians want to dig in and help.

We would like to thank everyone across the state who has taken time to support farmers, their families and others in our local communities in this terrible drought.

Recently in some areas of Queensland, there has been a little rain, though it has hardly wet the surface.

It is going to be a long, hard road ahead for farmers and our rural communities, so it’s uplifting to see so many people sticking together and lending a hand through these tough times.

While droughts place emotional strains on people who rely on the land to make a living, farmers have been telling our volunteers that it means the world to them that so many Australians want to help out.

Drought-affected farmers are showing remarkable strength, coping with determination in the face of huge hardships. Financial assistance is available: farmers can go to the Country Women’s Association website and fill out a simple form: www.qcwa.org.au

- J. Slatyer, Australian Red Cross and J. Coulson, Queensland Country Women’s Association

Tap water on the nose

I do not know how they can say it is safe to drink. It is disgusting. My daughter never complains. She can't drink it. Had to stop drinking it, don't want to end up in hospital.

It is foul. My hubby never complains, he feels like he is in an indoor swimming pool when in the shower. For them to say there isn't a problem, how can you disagree with a whole town?

I have never ever bought bottled water, refuse to pay for water. It is that bad, that I did have to to relent and go buy water. For me to pay for water, then town water is seriously awful.

- C. Pellow, via Facebook

Constantly itching from the water after the shower. I can’t sleep and can’t go out with out being itchy. It's a constant battle of itchiness. I refuse to drink it.

- K. Moore, via Facebook

I did wonder about the water as I scratched like crazy but penny did not drop until now about it being related to this. For three days I scratched after each shower and I’m red raw.

- C. Gall, via Facebook

This is probably why my kids have been complaining of tummy cramps. The water is horrible.

- K. Gallaher, via Facebook

I’d like Urban Utilities to make water testing results common knowledge. Every three months should be enough. I do not like drinking this stinking water.

- S. Pollard, via Facebook

With an increase of water rates surely there should have been an incline in improvements not a decline?

- O. Johns, via Facebook

Water is fine. Just let it stand for a while in a jug before drinking it. 

- S. Anderson, via Facebook

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