Cruel school student survey outrages parents

A student survey calling for votes for the “biggest bitch”, the student “most likely to be gay” and the one “most likely to die a virgin” has outraged parents.

The so-called Year 10 formal “joke awards” at a school south of Wollongong, NSW, also called on students to vote online for who they thought was most likely to end up in jail, the dumbest blonde and who had the “best/biggest boobs” and “best/biggest ass”.

Warilla High School has distanced itself from the awards.

In a statement, a spokesperson said “any event that has been organised by students or parents has been done without the authority, knowledge or approval of the school.

“The school first became aware of a formal event and survey late yesterday afternoon. The school addressed the Year 10 cohort at an assembly this morning about the inappropriateness of the survey and how it contravenes the school’s values.”

In an online post, a person claiming to be the formal awards organiser, wrote the awards were “a joke and not meant to be taken seriously”.

She said she had already taken down some award nominations when requested to do so.

“I only put in awards that people asked me to and if you were to get an award that could be offensive, I would message you and ask you if you were okay with getting it,” the organiser posted.

But outraged parents did not see the funny side.

One parent said she felt sick when her daughter told her about the awards.

“With all the bullying that leads to suicide, which is in the media lately, it is sickening to know this is happening,” the parent who wished to remain anonymous, said.

“These awards are absolutely disgusting. They need to be removed as a matter of urgency.

“Apparently there are a lot of kids who were worried they would receive one,  some were even not going to attend the formal.”

A Warilla HS spokesperson said the school was "deeply disappointed in the actions of students who have organised the event and created the highly inappropriate online survey".

“We will continue to investigate fully to determine those students responsible and have the offensive survey removed online.

“Any students found to have been involved will be counselled and disciplined according to the school’s disciplinary policy.

“Warilla High School prides itself on its values education agenda of excellence, respect, integrity and compassion and this event and survey is contrary to the many programs the school has to combat bullying and what it has put in place to support students’ mental health needs.”