Gleneagle’s milkshakes bring all the fun to the yard

TINY AGRICULTURALISTS were everywhere at Gleneagle State School on Tuesday as they held their own unique fundraiser called Milkshakes for our Farmers Day.

The school’s P & C president Renee Webb said children, teachers and parents were solidly behind the cause and turned up as proud Aussie farmers for the event.

“The students purchased milkshakes and local milk companies Scenic Rim 4Real Milk and Lion – Dairy and Drinks Australia generously donated dozens of litres of Aussie milk in support of the event,” Ms Webb said. 

“Local community members even got into the spirit. Danielle Vermeulen brought along two of her friendly goats which the children lead around the school.

“Teacher, Mrs Deverill and her son Frazer graciously allowed the children to pet and admire their Welsh pony.”

“The monies raised, close to $400 by the small school of approximately 220 students will be presented to David and Nicci Martin of David’s Hay Run.”

Ms Webb said the Martin family were a local Gleneagle family who spent their weekends travelling to near and far farms that were in desperate need of help due to the devastating drought affecting the state and Australia.

“Not only do David and Nicci, with their two sons, give up their weekends, they also foot the petrol costs to drive to these farms,” she said.

“Some of these farmers aren’t able to get support from large charities so the Martins rely on their friends and neighbours to “dob in a farmer” who is in need of help.”

Ms Webb said supporting a local family who tirelessly helped our farmers was an important decision for the school’s P&C.

“The students were excited to know that their donations would help farmers close to home and learned that even a small donation of $1 or $2 per child would mean the world,” she said.

Readers who would like to help the Martin family support even more farmers can find out more on the David’s Hay Run Facebook page.