Beaudesert High School takes on epic 24 hour Human Powered Vehicle Race

JOURNEYMEN: The 2014 Beaudesert State High School human powered vehicle team.
JOURNEYMEN: The 2014 Beaudesert State High School human powered vehicle team.

Beaudesert State High School students are preparing to pedal continuously around the streets of Maryborough for 24 hours.

They will undertake the challenge during the Human Powered Vehicle race at the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce organised Fraser Coast Technology Challenge, which runs from September 14-16.

The town’s streets are transformed into a race track for the gruelling endurance test which runs through the night and features up to 150 crews from all over Queensland and even South Australia. 

Two teams of eight, comprising year seven, eight and nine pupils will venture north with Beaudesert High’s two specially modified vehicles to take turns in the driver’s seat throughout the event.

At the end, the crew which has completed the most laps is crowned the victor.

Teacher Deanne Laroache said as well as conquering the physical challenge, students would need to strategise and work well as a team.

She said students would need to consider rider order, manage pit stops and make use of slip streams to conserve energy.

“It’s not just about how fast you can ride,” she said.

“The pit changes can make all of the difference.”

Ms Laroache said the program exposed students to key STEM concepts, including design and engineering while also extending them physically.

“They absolutely love it,” she said.

She said the students devoted their own time outside of school hours to train and ensure the vehicles are the optimum shape to minimise wind resistance and driver comfort.

Beaudesert State School’s Human Powered Vehicle teams are seeking sponsorship to fund the purchase of water coolers to keep participants hydrated.

If you can make a donation contact Deanne Laroache or David Lewis at Beaudesert State School on 5540 1111.