Letters to the editor

A house divided.

The coalition has just handed victory to Labor for the next Federal election. Changing horses in mid-stream isn't good business.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. 

This has to be a warning to the new prime minister and his entourage who think it's business as usual. 

The Australian public are sick to death of infighting and egotists who think they can, from the backbench, turn the tide and run the government without repercussion.

The public have had no say in the present fiasco, while the rest of the world see us as disorganised and unstable.The "insurgents" have not had their way. 

But they will not forget.

They remain dissatisfied, until MPs Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott, who have undermined the stability of our Parliament for selfish and ambitious reasons, find a way.

Abbott has been the thorn in the side of the Turnbull government since his demotion.

The next federal election will decide who ultimately wins.

Labor has been almost silent while this infighting has ensued.

Turnbull has fallen on his sword and his divided party will rue the day this happened.

- E. Rowe, Marcoola

Protect our children

National Child Protection Week runs in Australia from September 2 to September 8 and encourages us to promote safety for children in our communities.

The sad reality I have come to realise is that many young people who are abused believe that this behaviour is normal. Adults in our community are letting our young people down.

Reports of child abuse are overwhelming and give witness to the lack of accountability for adults who abuse young people.

Courts are far too lenient on people who abuse our children, communities are looking the other way, ignoring the abuse of children because this is the easiest option.

People do not want to get involved in notifying assaults on our young people because of the fear of the consequences from the perpetrators. We have lost the ability for adults to serve as collective parents for all the young people in our neighbourhood.

Nothing is more important than protecting our vulnerable children from abuse and neglect. Child abuse goes beyond the tears and pain experienced in childhood. Victims endure a lifetime of psychological and emotional distress, they often become drug users to kill the pain of abuse, attempt suicide, self-mutilate and have major trust issues. We, as a society, must ensure that we provide our children with a safe and supportive environment, so that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

At Youth Off The Streets we provide an abundance of services to young people from all walks of life across three Australian states. Above all else in our work, we hold the protection of young people paramount in our activities and programs. I support National Child Protection week and the movement to protect some of Australia’s most vulnerable young people, but I would like to see this action become an everyday part of Australian lives.

- Father Chris Riley, Youth off the Streets

Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast?

Scenic Rim Council, I see the beautiful work they do up on the mountain and at Boonah, none of this done at Tamborine Village or Beaudesert?  It’s like favourite children syndrome. Spread the wealth if you don’t want the communities squabbling.

- R. Johnson, via Facebook

Has the Gold Coast City Council run out of trees to cut down?

- D. Wilson, via Facebook

There are only two types of people who live in the Scenic Rim. Those who live here and those who wished they lived here.

- L. McLean, via Facebook

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