Book Week at Tamrookum

THERE was much fun and celebration as the children and grown-ups at Tamrookum State School turned up in costume for their Book Week finale today. 

Pirates, superheroes and villains gathered for parade in costume and with hand-made posters depicting their favourite books.

A variety of favourite characters were represented by the teachers’ costumes, including Old Mother Hubbard, Cruella de Ville, Rapunzel and an entire posse of Mr Men.

Children came as pirates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Cat in the Hat and Star Wars characters as well as those from Harry Potter and Where’s Wally?

This year’s effort was impressive, with some children turning up with magnificent hairstyles and home-made props to show how invested they were in their favourite book characters.

Book Week ran from August 18 to 24 in schools, libraries and book shops all over Australia and this year’s theme was Find Your Treasure.

The Tamrookum students have been taking part in activities that foster a love of reading and were all very proud to share the details of their favourite books.