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Message to Canberra

Two messages for Canberra:

Firstly, Australia does not have a problem with too much carbon dioxide going to the sky – we have a problem storing enough of the water coming from the sky.

Secondly, Australia does not have a shortage of wind and solar farms – we have a shortage of water, stock feed and low-cost electricity on real farms.

Politicians fritter our money on dubious research, climate propaganda, foreign adventures and handouts for trendy, vote-seeking green causes.

But they have not built a serious water supply dam since the 1980’s and the last big coal-fired power station was opened 11 years ago.

For a country with a growing population, abundant supplies of coal and uranium, and a history of severe droughts, these are serious omissions.

The Snowy Mountain Scheme (opened nearly 50 years ago) was a visionary project that produced large volumes of low-cost water for irrigation plus reliable hydro-power for industry.

The new Snowy 2.0 Scheme is a fraud. It will produce no extra water and will be a net consumer of power. Its sole purpose is to try to plug the holes and fluctuations in electricity supply caused by a bi-partisan love affair with expensive green energy toys producing unreliable, intermittent electricity.

Cease this baseless war on carbon fuels. Carbon dioxide does not drive global warming – it is driven out of sea water by ocean warming.

Australia should cancel Snowy 2.0, withdraw from all Paris and Kyoto Climate Treaty obligations, dump the NEG plans, remove all green energy subsidies and start building some real power stations and real water supply dams and pipelines.

No matter what the weather does, we will need more cheap, reliable water and electricity.

- V. Forbes, Washpool

Locals have say on Liberal mayhem

People may have voted for Liberal but they didn't vote for Scott Morrison. Time to go to the polls and let the nation vote again.

- L. Mahaffy, via Facebook

I think the national party should stop being treated like a sheep in sheep dog trial at the show. They need to break away from the Libs and get more done for their voters. They could become the third power house, instead of this two party circus.

- D. Cooper, via Facebook

Over this in a big way...the whole lot should be sacked by the Governor-General and we start fresh with people who have Australia's interest at heart.

The people who are in power in Canberra are more interested in the perks of being a politician.

- T. Bony, via Facebook

Very glad that Scott Buchholz supported Turnbull. I hope the size of Dutton's ego doesn't stop him from thinking long and hard about what he has done.

- L. Turton, via Facebook

Look at what the Libs achieved under Turnbull... They inherited a broke system last election, now these selfish bloody idiots are going to enable Labor to come back and do it all again.

All Queensland federal MPs need to hang their heads in shame.

- J. Mooney, via Facebook

The issues are migration, infrastructure, utility prices and cost of living. Scott, we need your plan on how these will be addressed.

I can assure you that the people are stirring in Wright.

- D. McMaugh, via Facebook

People keep voting for these right wing idiots so what do they expect? They care only about themselves and the large corporations they represent.

- S. Newsome, via Facebook

Too many opposing or different views and beliefs within LNP, can't see how it will ever be united and strong now. 

- M. Sym, via Facebook

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