McAuley College maths master class

High achieving year seven and eight students at Beaudesert’s McAuley College took part in a Mathematics X Master Class on Thursday.

Teacher of the honours program at St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace and co-ordinator for the Queensland Association of Mathematics, Cath Griffin, was on hand delivering fun, engaging and challenging lessons.

Year six pupils from St Mary’s Primary were also invited to join the workshop for children who have shown aptitude in the subject.

Principal Deidre Young said the school aimed to enrich learning and extend students in all areas of the curriculum.

“Particularly, those students with a particular interest or gift,” she said.

“The children are really responsive to any opportunity for enrichment..

“I’ve been so impressed by the way they put themselves out there.”

The master class covered many areas of mathematics, including fractions, percentages, identifying patterns and solving complex problems with Mrs Young saying it endeavoured to showcase the beauty of the field.

“It’s designed to push the students and challenge them in different areas of maths,’ Mrs Young said.

“It allows them to explore the numbers and patterns, and develop skills by taking them beyond the classroom which provides them with joy and excitement.

“There is something really beautiful about it.”

Mrs Young said as well as getting the children interested in mathematics, the program builds confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

“Research of participation supports a sense of belonging and this program achieves more than just educational outcomes, including a sense of identity and self-worth.

“Ultimately, it creates students who are able to contribute as positive members of the community.”