Letters to the editor

Time for a meat tax?

STATE and federal governments are handing out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to farmers to feed animals dying in the drought, while ignoring the real problem – climate change.

It is largely caused by animal agriculture and is making droughts, fires and floods more frequent and more severe.

The animals dying on the cracked earth are motivating floods of hypocritical tears from those who would rather they die in the slaughterhouse, profitably.

Raising animals for flesh, milk or eggs is responsible for more than half of global greenhouse emissions, as well as supplying products which cause consumers to suffer from obesity, coronary heart disease, strokes and various cancers.

They also cause the most appalling suffering to billions of innocent, sentient animals every year – dehorning, beak trimming, mulesing, branding, castration without pain relief – the list of atrocities goes on and on.

If farmers want assistance with the costs of the drought, they should demand a meat tax, which will ensure only those who consume their deadly products pay for its production.

Meanwhile, those who repeatedly keep animals on land known to be prone to drought should be charged with animal cruelty, just as you or I would be if we let our dog or cat starve.

- D. Bellamy, PETA Australia

All of the costs, none of the benefits

Unsurprisingly, Queensland has a bad economic report card, rated fifth in Australia, behind Tasmania as fourth. Apparently Victoria and New South Wales are leading the nation.

Perhaps Deputy Premier Jackie Trad needs to stop spending big on her fancy cross-river rail plan, which is not helping. 

Brisbane is not the centre of the universe. This only adds insult to injury, considering we are now at a record $81 billion in deficit.

Labor are poor economic managers. Big spending, with little or no concern with reducing the debt. The cost of $1 million in daily interest on the deficit, is their legacy for future generations. Generations in regional Queensland will enjoy none of the benefits, but all the costs. How much worse can it get?

Queensland Labor ministers are forever smiling, while leading  Queenslanders towards a very dark economic future. Money for statues of politicians, or sport stars, it seems now. The train fiasco, with new trains unusable and not up to scratch. 

State politicians are moved like chess pieces in an attempt to appear to be doing something useful and fruitful. All the time, we are getting deeper and deeper into debt, with no reprieve. Our cost of living the highest in the nation.

Queensland used to be labelled The Smart State by a previous Labor leader who left the state in debt. Queensland is now almost bottom of the class.

- E. Rowe, Marcoola

Bank of Queensland closure

Things are becoming worse in Beaudesert and yet the council allows all these developers to move in so what happens then? No jobs, transport or decent shopping and disgusting excuse for a highway and soon no banks.

- J. Llewellyn, via Facebook

We arrived in Beaudesert in 2000 looking for a place to live. While it was a bit of a ghost town due to the recent closure of the meatworks, the presence of the four big banks gave us the optimism and confidence to set up our business in this area. Now it will be a three-hour round trip from Kooralbyn to Jimboomba to do the business banking. Very sad as they were the reason we had so much confidence in this area.

- H. Ross, via Facebook

All BOQ users need to contact head office and let them know we are going elsewhere. It is always busy in there and the staff are fabulous, I’m very upset about this.

- K. Bartholomeusz, via Facebook

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