Canungra State School annual ball games

CANUNGRA State School prep to year three cohorts took part in the annual inter-house ball games on Friday afternoon.

As well as playing the old classics like captain and tunnel ball, the students also had some fun competing in novelty favourites such as sack and egg and spoon races.

Deputy principal Cindi Dare said no points were collated with the emphasis being on participation, team spirit and having fun.

“They had a wonderful time, she said.

“The weather was great.”

The games were hotly contested with Mrs Dare saying rival houses keep a close eye on each other.

“They all look forward to wearing their house shirts,” she said.

“There is lots of yelling and encouragement, especially during captain ball.”

The school’s year four to seven students take part in a track and field carnival.

The preps to year threes, however, do not contest field events, so the ball games are held as a way to offer them an alternative and introduce them to inter-house competition.

Next year, the grade three students will progress to the senior athletics carnival.

It’s all part of the school’s physical education program, which Mrs Dare says aims to encourage the children to live active and healthy lifestyles.