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Plastic by any other name is still plastic

The single-use plastic bag ban has given supermarkets a bonus few million dollars, while they sell a similar product considered more environmentally friendly. What a con. Plastic is plastic, a by-product of oil, in any form or shape. Before plastic, paper bags and cardboard ruled.

What guarantee is there that the 15 cent bag sold as a substitute, is any less environmentally threatening? To remove all forms of plastic is not a reality. Many customers have found creative ways of using the original free single-use bags, so they have new purposes.

Are we then to assume, that the clear wrapping plastic on many food products will also be banned? Products such as plastic film are as much a threat to the environment. Plastic bottles containing food products are also an environmental hazard. 

We are forced to live with plastic. In reality, this ban has done very little for the environment and is making the supermarkets a bonus in new “better quality" bag sales, while saving them millions in not supplying free single-use bags. Consumers are again faced with higher food bills, along with the recent 10 per cent rise in all milk products and the escalation in motoring costs, forced to buy bags as an alternative to taking their own. 

Now having to buy shopping bags will only add insult to injury to supermarket grocery bills. It is big business and corporations that call the tune and determine the cost of living. Whatever the outcome, profit comes before people, always.

- E. Rowe, Marcoola

Note to Barnaby Joyce

What a delight to see Barnaby Joyce back on the comedy circuit, this time playing a tough crowd in Katanning, south of Perth, where he described animal activism as being an absolute religion. The reason? We want to close the vile and brutal live export trade and save millions of sheep from a long, terrifying and agonising ordeal on ships crossing the equator to the Middle East where, if they survive the trip, they will die agonising deaths.

Barnaby is clearly a little vague about the ethical issues Australians consider important, so we’d just like to remind him that Australians hate animal cruelty and overwhelmingly want this appalling trade closed down. Yet, when he was Agriculture Minister, Barnaby shut down the animal welfare unit and advisory body of his department. The man is clearly completely out of touch with Australian values and would be well advised to crawl back under his rock.

-D. Bellamy, PETA Australia

Unions have no place in our schools

It’s shocking to hear that Labor is considering letting unions into our schools.

Schools should be politics-free zones. There’s opportunity enough for them to learn about the role of both business and unions in subjects like history and economics. Our children are already having to grow up far too quickly so the longer we can give them to enjoy their childhoods the better.

It’s pretty clear who’s running the show in Queensland when Annastacia Palaszczuk lets the unions walk all over her and straight into our school grounds. What on earth does the government think the unions will be teaching our children? Our children go to school to learn how to read and write, not be a part of a union. Stop this crazy idea and just let our kids be kids. 

- J. Krause, MP, Scenic Rim

Eaglesfield Street car crash

Eaglesfield Street is one of the worst streets in Beaudesert. So many people fail to stop or giveaway when entering or going straight across this street.

- L. Mahaffy, via Facebook

They took away the stop signs right near the school and put in give way signs. Bound to happen sooner or later.

- R. Johnson, via Facebook

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