Beaudesert has a new addiction and mental health clinic.

PARTNERS: Metro South Health staff join Beaudesert Family Practice to celebrate their new partnership.
PARTNERS: Metro South Health staff join Beaudesert Family Practice to celebrate their new partnership.

BEADESERT residents can now access an addiction and mental health clinic at their GP.

Beaudesert Family Practice has opened its doors to Metro South Health in a partnership that will see mental health care delivered sooner and closer to home for the Beaudesert community.

Metro South Health’s Addiction and Mental Health Services executive director Professor David Crompton said a mental health clinic, located within Beaudesert Family Practice, will provide services for people already living in the community and being treated by Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service.

“Beaudesert Family Practice is located within a commercial shopping area and provides a convenient venue for consumers to access mental health services and at the same location, visit their GP,” he said. 

“Many of our patients are already seen by Beaudesert Family Practice, so it made sense for our service to be co-located.” 

Professor Crompton said people previously attended Logan or Beaudesert Hospitals or were seen in their own home.

“As recovery is an individual journey, the support offered to each patient will be an individualised agreement made between the patient and family/carers and the referral team,” he said.

“This is an excellent way to ensure that a patient’s physical and mental health needs are coordinated.”

Professor Crompton said people could now choose to attend clinics at Beaudesert Family Practice, Beaudesert Hospital, or be seen in their own home wherever possible.

Addiction and Mental Health Services team leader Rachael Downie and primary care liaison officer Gail Symonds said co-location would be practical for patients and improve the relationships between GPs and mental health experts who will be working from the family practice.

“Co-locating our health services means both GPs and our mental health experts are better equipped to deal with patients’ physical and mental health needs,” they said.

“A visiting clinician will be treating patients with complex mental health needs, such as a person with a psychosis or related disorder.

“Treatment may involve monitoring symptoms in conjunction with the G.P. and stepping care down to a shared model to engage a practice nurse, private psychologist for a more collaborated discharge pathway.”

Beaudesert Family Practice owner Sarah English welcomed the new arrangements.

“Being able to have face to face discussions with mental health professionals will help us to work in new ways with our patients,” she said.

“We can improve the patient journey, ensuring appropriate referral pathways and seeing that our patients get the right treatment at the right time.

“Importantly, there are lots of positives reasons for our patients to see mental health staff at their GP and we hope it will encourage early intervention and assist in the promotion of mental health care.”