School holidays done and dusted for winter

WITH another winter school holiday almost over, some parents will be glad to pack the kids back to class and others would wish they could extend the break for a few more days.

Holidays can be problematic for parents who work full-time, especially since many feel the break is an important way for children to relax and have fun away from the classroom.

Packing them off with a sandwich and drink bottle to a day care facility or structured school holiday program may seem a bit like a normal school day but most centres plan fun activities each day even if there is a bit of educational content thrown in.

Learning is a healthy and natural part of every day life for all of us and school holidays are a great way for children to learn new life skills, socialise and reinforce what they have learnt in class.

Teachers always encourage children to keep up with their reading over the break and what better way to spend a chilly morning than curling up with a good book?

Even iPads or gaming consoles can be of educational use, if done safely and in moderation.

One good thing about school holidays is it gives children the opportunity to focus on the things they enjoy, try things they have never done before and enjoy the freedom of doing all that without time constraints or wearing a uniform.

In this week’s Beaudesert Times we revisit the programs provided by council over the holidays, including food craft and origami lessons for children.

Parents who have time to get out and about with their children can also contribute to their education without the kids even realising they are doing it.

Outings to an art gallery or museum, hikes in the countryside or volunteering for a day or so can create priceless memories.

One way to tap into the natural resources in any community is a visit to a local aged care facility, where children can bring some joy to those who may not otherwise have many visitors. Children often relate well to older people and are sponges for all that wisdom and experience we accumulate over the course of a lifetime.

No matter how children have spent their days off before the start of term, hopefully they will return to school on Monday refreshed, excited and with a yearning for more learning.