The original Beaudesert Kingfishers women's team love their league

WHEN the Kingfishers Women took on Flagstone at Willis Park last weekend, some very special guests were on hand to share their stories and offer advice.

Several members of the original Kingfishers women turned up to the home game to cheer for their side and reflect on their own experiences of women’s sport in Beaudesert.

The Old Girls coach, Ray Antcliff said the first ladies team came into existence after female employees at the Tancred Brothers meat works challenged each other to a friendly game and went on to merge and form a local team.

“I was their coach about 1977 to 1979 and back then they trained harder than the men did,” he said.

Mr Antcliff said Flagstone had been a tough team to beat.

“The Kingfishers team is good but they probably should have used their back line a bit more,” he said.

“What you have to do is keep the big girls running.

“Don’t run into them so much, make them chase the ball.”

Members of the 1979 Kingfisher Women’s Team also at the game included Marie Antcliff, Robyn Yuke, Dale Venz, Raelene Fogarty, Kym Yuke and Coral Antcliff.

The women reminisced about their glory days when the Kingfishers women travelled in style to their away games and only lost one game.

“We had our own private bus and it was stocked with our beverages for after the games,” Robyn Yuke said.

“We were undefeated up and down the coast apart from one game we lost to Maryborough in Hervey Bay.

“They have different training now, they have different training drills and passing strategies.

“When this (2018) team first started a lot of them were pretty new to the game but they have improved a lot and now they are winning.”

Robyn Venz said some things about the new team were the same as they were in the 70s but there were also marked differences.

“These girls train on Tuesdays and Thursdays just like us but we were old school, running laps all the time and it was hard training,” she said.

“If we had a game on Sunday, we would train on Saturday to warm up.

“I remember Ray used to do the rounds of the pubs to get us all to come to Saturday training and one time he came in to the Railway Hotel to pick me up.

“I was hiding from him but he told my boyfriend that he would not be leaving until he had every single player.”

The current coach, Joeanne Holland said she had been coaching since 2010 and had pushed for an opens team.

“Our youngest player is 17 and the oldest is in her 30s,” she said. 

Deannie Yuke said it had been good to reminisce and to watch the girls play.

“We had some good times back then,” she said.

“It’s great watching these girls in action and for a couple of us this is the first time we have seen them play.”