St Mary’s Catholic Primary School celebrates Under Eights Day

IRISH music, police sirens and a train’s bell could be heard at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School as their Under Eights Day was underway.

Students were jumping with joy this morning to have their faces painted and to join activities such as creating cuckoo clocks and using chop sticks to place balls in a noodle box all in the name of celebrating education.

Assistant principal, religious education Megan Cory said the school was following the theme of the Early Childhood Australia’s Under Eights Week, which was ‘children exploring language and culture’.

“It’s play-based learning so every student goes around the world and receives a stamp on their passports for the activity they do in each country,” she said.

Children could decorate a hand print Aboriginal dream time in Australia, make lanterns in China and create necklaces in Africa.

Ms Cory said community aspects were incorporated at stalls, displays and rides.

“To fit the language and cultural part of Under Eights Week, we have taken advantage of things that are done in the community like the Irish dancers who are also students,” she said.

“Our link to McAuley College meant their Spanish class could come for the day to teach children something new and our school community has encouraged parents who are part of the police force or are firefighters to become involved with the day.”

Ms Cory said staff were so supportive of the meaning of Under Eights Week, they even named the train that was brought in to school.

“Reading is a strong focal point in junior schools so we have named the train the Reading Express,” she said.

“Children look like they are having a good time.”