Amazing footage of seal chasing fish at Narooma swimming beach

“Perfect” footage of a seal chasing lunch on the NSW south coast has gone viral after the video was picked up by the country’s official tourism site,

The video was captured at Narooma’s Bar Beach mid-April by Mystery Bay local Karen McLellan, who manages Oakleigh Farm Cottages with partner Andrew.

The footage shows a playful seal chasing a large fish inside the netted swimming area, weaving around swimmers and putting on a show for the crowd at the popular family beach.

Then when it catches its meal, laughs and a round of applause breaks out.

“We were down at Bar Beach with the owners [of Oakleigh] but it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time,” Ms McLellan said.

“If you could time it to 11 seconds or whatever they say is ideal for social media, you couldn’t have got it more perfect.

“And when everyone claps at the end it was hilarious!”

Ms McLellan said she had an initial flurry of views and comments when she posted the video to Facebook on April 18 via the business’s page, thiking it would help promote the area’s tourism opportunities.

However, when reposted only this week it has given it even more impetus.

The video has now been shared more than 4000 times and viewed by 286,000 people and growing! That’s just on the original Oakleigh post.

On’s Facebook page it has an additional 6800 shares and 643,000 views!

“We live in an amazing place,” Ms McLellan said.

“We’ve travelled all over and this is a gorgeous part of the world. I think sometimes people who live here don’t always appreciate how lovely it is.”