Beaudesert Warriors fight hard but defeated by Brisbane Irish

WARRIORS: The Beaudesert team lost to Brisbane Irish on Warrior home turf. Photo: Supplied
WARRIORS: The Beaudesert team lost to Brisbane Irish on Warrior home turf. Photo: Supplied

IN a close game, The Beaudesert Warriors lost to Brisbane Irish for their second home game of the season on April 13.

Warriors president Shayne Callaghan said the opposing team had a clear size advantage in the forwards and more speed in the backs.

“This didn’t deter the Beaudesert side though and they took it to their more fashioned opponents from the start with some big ball carries from Ben Nash and Brendan Magee in the forward pack and Josh Tyrell in the backs,” he said.

“The Irish side were first to open the scoring though with a lucky try, which was allowed to be let go by the referee after some dubious playing of the ball on the ground.

“It wasn’t long after this that the Warriors hit back with a try of their own through Captain Magee which brought the scores back to level pegging.

Callaghan said Tom Jelly and Hector Wallace made some decisive breaks in the midfield to cause the Irish backline headaches every time they touched the ball.

“The teams traded scores throughout the game and if it wasn’t for the insistent penalising of the home team  the Warriors would have had another win for the season,” he said.

“With the final score of 24-22 to the Irish it was a much-improved effort from the Warriors who lifted their game from the previous game after some hard training sessions throughout the week.

“With former juniors Henry Boyd, Caleb Callaghan and Michael Deerain stepping up to play their first season of senior rugby the club is looking in good shape for upcoming years.” 

The next game for the Warriors will be an away game on April 20 against Ipswich.

“We need to win that one because we are pretty much even at the moment so whoever wins the next game will be third on the table,” Callaghan said.