Beaudesert Sporting Clays to host State Championships

SHOOTERS: Queensland Sporting Clays Brisbane Squad at the 2017 championships. Photo: Supplied
SHOOTERS: Queensland Sporting Clays Brisbane Squad at the 2017 championships. Photo: Supplied

BEAUDESERT Sporting Clays will be hosting the English Sporting Queensland State Titles on March 24 followed by the first of four qualifier selection shoots with scores going towards final selection for the Australian team.

Club president Chris Wright said the English Sporting event would see shooters use shotguns to shoot at paired targets.

“There are 100 targets so we will shoot 50 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon,” Mr Wright said. 

“The competition will attract shooters from all over Queensland and interstate and we are expecting a good turnout this year because we are holding the two events back to back and people will be able to camp at the grounds.”

He said the qualifier selection shoot would help shooters accrue points that count towards their possible selection for the Australian team later this year.

“The sport has been described as golf with a shotgun,” Mr Wright said.

He said this was because each round involved a change of position for the shooter, which changed the degree of difficulty for each shoot.

‘Sunday will start after breakfast, which will be a Panadol and a Berocca and we will happily welcome shooters who are not members of our club,” he said.

He said the Sunday event will be the first of four qualifiers to be held around the state with scores from these shoots, and the scores from the state titles shoot used to pick a state team to shoot at a national level.

“This is a 75 target event with targets presented as 3 single targets and then a pair of targets over 5 positions,” Mr Wright said.

“Participants shoot the layouts three times over the course of the day with shooting positions changed each time to vary the target presentation.

“Sporting Clays is a sport the whole family can take part in with juniors aged from 11-years. 

“In most cases we use a 12 gauge shot gun and is set up as simulated hunting with target thrown from differing directions and trajectories simulating birds in flight.

“We even have a target that rolls across the ground to simulate a rabbit.”

Mr Wright said he would be contesting the state championships and would be joined by club vice president Dave Cumliffe from Jimboomba.

“Dave is a big contender for the state championship,” he said.

“He’s an aspiring champion and he’s looking to wear the Queensland jacket.”

The contests will be held at the Beaudesert Rifle range, 303 Spengler Rd, Tabragalba from 9.30am on March 24.

Mr Wright said the cost was $65 for Saturday and $50 for Sunday.

Information about the events can be found at