Beaudesert flower sellers stocked up for Valentine's Day

ANYONE looking to buy flowers in town for Valentine’s Day will have no worries, says Beaudesert florist Cheri Crawford.

Ms Crawford said her shop, Beaudesert Country Florist, would be well stocked for the most romantic day of the year.

“We have 800 red roses on order for Valentine’s Day,” she said.

“Last year we sold out twice and I had to go to the markets for more, so we don’t plan on that happening this year.”

Ms Crawford said most of her customers were men who didn’t tend to pre-order for Valentines.

“On Mothers Day we have orders in well before the day and many of them are from women,” she said.

“We did get a few pre-orders on Friday and I expect the phone will be ringing today and tomorrow but most sales will be walk-ins.

“I’ve been here for 15 years and it’s the same thing every year– you worry you have too many flowers but we always sell them on Valentine’s Day.”

The Tea House at Barton’s Rose Farm in Kalbar will be serving Devonshire teas on Valentine’s Day and will have a large display of potted rose plants on display for those who prefer something that lasts longer than cut flowers. 

“Cut flowers are usually kept in cold storage for a while, and a lot of them come from overseas,” said owner Pam Barton. “We have masses of flowers, 600 different varieties but with ours being living plants a couple of days of extreme heat on the cards we will have as many flowers as Mother Nature will allow.”

Local supermarkets will also have roses in stock for Valentine’s Day. Woolworths Beaudesert manager Carissa Toohey said the store already had a display of fresh flowers, teddy bears and chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

She said the flowers were delivered fresh daily and they had enough in stock to cater for early shoppers and last-minute purchases.

“We open at 7am and we have single roses for school kids who drop in on their way to school on Valentine’s Day as well as roses for the blokes who need to pick up their gifts on the way home from work,” she said.

“You often see the tradies wearing their high-vis vests in the late afternoon.”

Ms Toohey said she loved it when older couples came in to peruse the Valentine’s Day display.

“He’s asking her what he should buy and she doesn’t mind telling him precisely what she wants,” she said.

Beaudesert Coles said they also had plenty of stock in their Valentine’s Day feature display and did not envisage running out of roses or chocolates on the day.