The red carpet comes to Beaudesert for TV show premiere

LAST night’s premiere of Grace Beside Me showed that it is not beyond the realm of possibility to see a Logie award decorating a mantel or two in the Scenic Rim.

The Centre Beaudesert provided a glimpse of the new children’s TV show filmed entirely within the Scenic Rim including Beaudesert, Laravale, Boonah and Tamrookum.

The preview introduced viewers to the friends and family of Aboriginal teenager Fuzzy Mac who lives with her grandparents in the fictional town of Laurel Dale.

Seasoned actors joined proud locals, many of whom played a part in the series both on screen and off. 

The lead actors took to the red carpet to greet fans and colleagues from Beaudesert before Mununjali elder Uncle Bevan Page created a smoking ceremony near the entrance to The Centre.

One of the producers, Lois Randall, said the people of Beaudesert had really stepped up in the making of the series. 

“There are many local children who played support roles and were extras, particularly in the school scenes,” she said.

“Peter Sandy, a 10-year-old student from Beaudesert State School is one of the main supporting actors.

“Three of the Mununjali elders are also in the cast – Suzie Blanco, Delores Paulson and Lorraine Iselin play three sisters.

“The school scenes were filmed at Beaudesert primary and the old school at Laravale.”

Ms Randall said the 13-part series was based on a novel written by Indigenous author Sue McPherson and was produced by Magpie Pictures.

“The series will appear on the ABC in July and the Disney channel early next year,” she said.

The show was launched at The Centre Beaudesert ahead of the world NITV premiere on February 16.