Tibetan monks create a mandala at The Centre Beaudesert

TIBETAN monks are at The Centre Beaudesert and have been meticulously constructing a mandala, an intricate design hand-made from tiny grains of coloured sand.

The works of art also currently sharing space with the mandala are on loan from artist and musician Tenzin Choegyal who is on hand to explain the significance of the paintings, photos and mandala.

Mr Choegyal, who was recently in New York for a performance with Joan Baez and Patti Smith, said the monks had been working on the mandala since January 8 and it would be finished by the morning of January 13, at which time it will be purposely obliterated by its creators.

“The mandala is a traditional method of visualisation and meditation,” he said.

“It will be dissolved when it is finished and this symbolises non-attachment and the impermanence of all things.”

Mr Choegal will be appearing at The Centre on January 20 for the World on Stage concert.

The art on display also includes offerings by Tibetan artist Dr Karma Phunstock.

Dr Phunstock, who migrated to Australia in 1981 and now lives near Kyogle, said his family fled Tibet in 1959 during the time the Dalai Lama was also forced to seek refuge in India.

He is highly skilled in traditional Tibetan Thangka painting and often combines this with indigenous aboriginal dot painting.

“I have worked in collaboration with  artist Tim Johnson and we have works on display in all state galleries across Australia,” Dr Phunstock said.

Visitors to the exhibition can browse or purchase hand made crafts and jewellery on display.