St Mary's students make Beaudesert proud at ICAS ceremony

MEDALS: Drew and Kieren Cahill at the ICAS awards ceremony in Brisbane. Photo: Supplied
MEDALS: Drew and Kieren Cahill at the ICAS awards ceremony in Brisbane. Photo: Supplied

Two students from St Mary’s Catholic primary school in Beaudesert received individual medals at a presentation ceremony held on December 2 at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Kieren Cahill, who will turn 11-years-old this month earned her medal for digital technology and her brother Drew who will turn nine the next day, earned his for mathematics.

They attended the ceremony with their family and school principal Kevin Billion.

Mr Billion said the University of New South Wales Global Assessments had conducted the International Competitions and Assessments designed specifically for primary and secondary school students.

He said ICAS were conducted annually in Australia as well as more than 20 other countries.

“We were very proud of them both, Kieren is a fine, diligent student who is humble and hard-working and will next year be in grade six and involved with our youth ministry,” he said.

“Her younger brother Drew has just finished grade three and has very strong talents in mathematics.”

He said it was an outstanding achievement to win an ICAS medal but very rare for siblings at the same awards ceremony to be recognised for scoring top results.

“They are both highly intelligent and capable children and St Mary’s is extraordinarily proud of their achievements,” he said.

“We are pleased to have contributed in some way by differentiating the curriculum to cater for their education needs.”

Kieren and Drew’s mother, Melissa Cahill said while the siblings were the only medalists from Beaudesert, there had been more than 700 medal winners in Australia and about 100 recipients at the Brisbane ceremony.

“They did quite a bit of study for the assessments on the weekends, studying old UNSW ICAS papers from the  past three or four years,” she said.

Mrs Cahill said this was the second time Kieren had won the medal for digital technology, having also won when she was in grade three.

“They both enjoy playing on the computer and working with programs like Power Point to make stories and graphics,” she said.