Scenic Rim residents are advised to prepare for a wet December

HEAVY RAIN: With the forecast for a wetter than average December, residents are urged to  be prepared for possible flooding and road closures.
HEAVY RAIN: With the forecast for a wetter than average December, residents are urged to be prepared for possible flooding and road closures.

With a La Nina alert activated by the Bureau of Meteorology on November 21, experts say we might be in for some heavy rainfall in coming weeks.

 Dr. Andrew Watkins, the Bureau’s manager for long-range forecasts said there was little indication of an extremely wet or dry summer on the way.

 “We’re not expecting to see a strong shift towards a wetter or drier than average season for most of Australia,” said Dr Watkins.

“However, December rainfall is likely to be above average, particularly in the southeast,” he said.

In southeast Queensland the forecast is for a heavy rainstorm this weekend.

BOM forecaster Adam Woods said the weather was likely to be more severe on Sunday and Monday.

“There’s a trough moving through the Darling Downs eastward bringing rain and possible thunderstorms,” he said. 

“We advise people to keep an eye on the radar, heed any BOM severe weather warnings and take steps to protect cars and property.”

Mayor Greg Christensen, who is also chair of the Scenic Rim Local Disaster Management Group, said it was vitally important that residents gave serious thought as to how they would prepare and respond in the event of a severe weather event.

“The Scenic Rim is still recovering from the damaging storms and flooding of ex-tropical cyclone Debbie earlier this year. It would be naïve to discount the possibility of another significant weather event over the coming months," he said.

"Rather than waiting for the arrival of storm clouds or perhaps smoke on the horizon, households need to be prepared and have an emergency plan, evacuation plan and an emergency kit.

"Think about how you can prepare your home ahead of time and what you will need to do to manage your pets in a disaster situation. Everyone needs a What-if Plan.

"In fact, handy emergency items such as a first aid kit, quality torch, battery-powered or wind-up radio and solar chargers for mobile devices could make great festive season gifts for family and friends.

Cr Christensen said residents should ensure both they and their property are prepared ahead of time if heavy rainfall and strong winds are predicted.

"Residents should expect that severe weather conditions may result in a loss of power in some areas and road closures due to localised flooding, fallen trees and other storm damage," he said.

"Remember if it's flooded, forget it. Even if you are familiar with a crossing or causeway, you cannot be sure what dangers may be below the surface in swollen creeks and gullies."

The Bureau of Meteorology said the weather on Sunday and Monday could be a significant rain and flooding event and recommended that people stay informed via the Bureau’s website, mobile app or by following the BOM on Twitter for live updates.