Yarnbombs on target in Beaudesert town centre

Trees around town are dressed up in festive colours for Christmas, thanks to a dedicated group of knitters.

The project was started back in September and has snowballed since then, with the CWA offering lessons in knitting and crochet and people near and far jumping in to make tree decorations.

Finella Loch, who kickstarted the yarnbombing initiative through her Beaudesert Christmas Spirit group said hours had been spent adding extra 3D sparkle to some of the donated pieces.

“A small group of us headed out on Sunday to start decorating the trees, mostly on William Street,” she said.

“We’re trying to choose areas where they will be most visible to people walking by and the 3D element with additions like bells and ornaments makes people want to touch them.”

Ms Loch said she had counted the pieces left after Sunday’s effort and found they had not even used half of the donations.

“We’re going to be starting on the block between Coles and Beauview Trade Supplies next and other areas are earmarked too.

“The project is bigger than I anticipated, I estimate we’ve had 50 to 100 people donate pieces so far and yesterday two more lots arrived.

“One was from a lady in Cleveland who saw our Facebook post and another contained pieces from three generations of locals— a grandma, a mum and a daughter.”

Ms Loch said donations had been relatively anonymous so people could just drop off their pieces without any confrontation.

“The idea behind the project was about what we could make ourselves for the town,” she said.

“It also meant people who were slightly isolated could be involved.”

She said the town had started to look festive but the job was far from finished so they were calling on volunteers to meet at the Christmas tree at Central Place at 5.30am tomorrow morning.

“We’re also doing some more tomorrow afternoon and we’d love members of the community to come and give us a hand,” she said.

“We will be meeting at the Beaudesert Fair car park at 4pm.”

Ms Loch said the remaining tasks included hanging the hand made pom-poms made by children at Rathdowney, Veresdale Scrub and Gleneagle State Schools.

“Someone dropped off a bag of beautiful tiny knitted beanies that we can hang like pom-poms too,” she said.