Boonah formal brings glamour, fun and laughs to town

THERE was not a dull moment at Boonah State High School’s year 12 formal parade with glamorous dresses, dazzling suits, stylish cars and a minor vehicle mishap.

Community members crowded the main street at Boonah to watch the class of 2017 parade through town on November 16.

This year’s students upped the ante with their entrance into the street parade as one student drove his motorbike and chasing his date who sat on the back of a vehicle while another couple covered the back of their vehicle’s tray with flower petals.

Onlookers were also entertained by a large truck, with two passengers on the back, was close to taking out a Christmas Street Festival banner which was tied to buildings on both sides of the street.

After a few good laughs, a State Emergency Service volunteer tried to hold up the sign with a broom in an effort to have the vehicle pass under but the truck was too tall.

In a community spirit, spectators cheered on the driver and the pair of students on the back when the car was reversed and was driven into a side street.

A town crier led the festivities as the graduates left their vehicles and walked through High Street towards Boonah Cultural Centre for dinner.