Beaudesert Golf Club holds golf classes for youngsters

BEAUDESERT Golf Club have kicked off a program to teach children how to hit a ball like a pro.

Young golfers, from 4 to 15 years of age, attend a session on the sport every Sunday during school terms, as part of a new program implemented by the club.

Instructor James Zappelli said the club recognised there was a need to build a class for youths to teach the younger generation how to play golf.

“One of the fathers told the club his son wanted to learn to play golf but there was didn’t have friend who wanted to come,” he said.

“There was no one to help young kids or teach them before this program.”

Mr Zappelli said he was asked to run the classes, through Golf Australia and PGA Australia, to initiate the program.

“This year is the first time kids have been able to come for a class that is focused on them,” he said.

Mr Zappelli said the program was fairly new with a small group who show enthusiasm during every visit.

“It’s a pretty good thing to see kids want to get up and early on a Sunday morning and when they arrive at the club, they are pretty keen to learn,” he said.

William Conroy, 15, said he enjoyed the sport and found the classes were good fun.

“They show you how to hit balls and teach you to aim straight and have consistency,” he said.

“It’s also great practise to learn how to beat your grandfather at golf.”

Father of two, Nick Francis said his boys, aged 4 and 6, were keen to play golf every weekend with the group.

“They love it – it’s a casual environment and the boys really bond with Fred and James (the instructors),” he said.

“They get up at 5am and wake up me to tell me they’re ready to go to play.

“They are already practising outside before we get to the course.”

Mr Francis said he would recommend the program to anyone with children who were eager to learn the sport.

To join, contact the club on 5541 2291 or Mr Zappelli on 5543 1397.