Boonah school captains have eyes set on future

BOONAH State High School captains for 2018 are ready to shake things up during their year of leadership with fresh ideas to making their future vision of the school come true.

Students Ella Steele, Caitlyn Larkin, Ashley Savery and Daniel Mitchell are looking forward to starting their new roles, with hopes of improving the school with goals set in place for an exciting year ahead.

During the selection process, the school captains pitched their future vision for the school.

Ideas for their future vision included encouraging more junior students to join next year’s musical, creating a debating mentoring program, taking action regarding environmental issues in the region and enhancing community service engagement.

Ella said she applied for the school captain position because she had been enjoying her time at Boonah State High School.

“I really want to make my mark here and make sure others will enjoy school as much as I have,” she said.

“I’m excited to be a school captain and I’m eager to work with a unique group of captains alongside me.”

Caitlyn said she had her eyes set on making students aware of environmental issues and to improve how ‘green’ the school was.

“I hope to make some changes to make school more environmentally focused,” she said.

“I want to make environmental activities just as important as the cultural aspect of school.”

Ashley said her goal as school captain would be to improve community engagement among students.

“I am a huge advocate for the community part of school across all year levels in hope of getting more people involved,” she said.

Daniel said he wanted to focus on promoting better relationships between junior and senior students.

“It’s sad you can’t pass on your knowledge to the younger students and we don’t connect as much as we should,” he said.

“Coming to school isn’t just about going to class and having lunch.

“There really are so many opportunities at school but students aren’t getting involved so I think my goal go hand-in-hand with the other school captains.”

Principal Cheryl Bullion said students underwent a rigorous process to be selected as school captains.

“Students who applied had to meet a criteria,” she said.

“They then made a speech to their peers and teachers about their vision for the future and what they intended to bring to the school if they were in a captain seat before voting.”

Ms Bullion said there was a very strong pool of applicants for the role.

“We had a good quality of callibre and to be successful they had to be the best of the best,” she said.

“We can assure everyone that the best students rose to the top.”