By Joy Drescher, Phone 0447 346 378

KERRY CATCH-UP – The Kerry Catch-Up is on the third Sunday each month at the Kerry Hall. All Kerry residents are welcome as well as those with family and friend ties with Kerry. Feel free to bring a plate of food or a packet of biscuits or sweets if you wish.

WELCOME TO NEWCOMERS – About 30 people attended the quarterly  Beaudesert Library’s Welcome to Newcomers last Thursday. There were representatives from Beaudesert Camera Club, Historical Society, Beaudesert Bush Bards, Michael Enright from Council, U3A, Netball, Genealogical Society, Friends of Beaudesert Library, Quota International, Arts and Info Centre, Employment Help, Wongaburra, Men’s Shed, Beaucare,3 Rotarians, BeauFM and a delicious spread put on by Friends of Beaudesert Library. New residents were all given a welcome pack with information about the area and Beaudesert town.

BEAUDESERT BUSH BARDS – All poets are invited to Beaudesert Bush Bards next meeting  at 9.15am Friday, 17 November, Arts Centre, Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert . BBB was represented at the Welcome to Newcomers by  Joy Drescher. Next Themes - Families Are? , My Secret Possession, Beaudesert Historical Museum items.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY BREAK-UP – Beaudesert Historical Museum members next meet for Christmas break-up lunch at Chinese Happy Valley Restaurant  at 11.30am, Friday, 17 November, at members own expense.  Museum friends and volunteers welcome if they buy their own meals. Welcome to newcomers was attended by president Doug Drescher and VP Joy Drescher. Email address, ph 5540 3740.

PLAY – IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – It’s a wonderful Life has been saved by the vagueries of the election sites and will now have its full proposed schedule of play performances by Mercury Theatre Wynnum, 17,18, 24,25 November at 7.30pm plus matinee on Saturday, 25 November, starting with an open dress rehearsal on Friday 17 November @ $15 each,Gala Opening is Saturday followed by a Meet The Cast Champagne function. Tickets are $25, $20 concessions, child $10 in the Manly-Lota RSL Hall, 184 Melville Terrace, Manly. Beaudesert girls, Madonna Guy and Rosemary Thwaites are in the play. Book tickets on 0403 735 383, online or visit Tru Blue Trophies, 237 Bay Terrace, Wynnum. 

TAMROOKUM DANCE – About 40 people attended the last Tamrookum dance with TechnicTone playing. The progressive barn dance lucky spot prizes were won by Wayne Smith and Dianne Connors. Being on a lucky streak, Dianne Connors then won a lucky door prize along with Shirley Schwarz. Raffle winners included Doug Drescher, Ken Meggs, Joy Drescher, Marilyn Vogel, Janet Dennis, Gordon Evans, Heather Barnes, Haddar Surma-Hawes, Gary Moloney, Allan Dennis, Diane Hoyle and  Lois Muller. The Monte Carlo Gypsy Tap winners Wayne Smith and Trish Jurd and runners-up Doug and Joy Drescher all won big blocks of chocolate. The next Tamrookum dance starts at 8pm on Saturday 18 November and all are welcome.

PEAK CROSSING DANCE – There is a dance at Peak Crossing Hall starting at 7.30pm on Friday, 17 November, with The Coachman, Malcolm Rouse, playing the music. All are welcome.

MONDAY BOOK CLUB – All present thoroughly enjoyed the book “Life or Death” that was the October book selection. The book to be read by members for discussion  at the next meeting on Monday, 4 December, at 1.30pm at Beaudesert Library is The Frozen Circle by Peter Watt who has written many other acclaimed novels such as The Stone Dragon and Cry of The Curlew.  As the 4 December meeting will be the 2017 break-up meeting for Christmas members will each bring some festive food for celebrations. There will be no Book club meeting in January so 5 February is the New Year re-start. Past members are welcome to join members in December for Christmas break-up.

SCENIC RIM WRITER’S GROUP – Those who attended the Scenic Rim Writer’s Group meeting had some very good discussions. There are now eight stories by members plus ten submissions sent in by other folk.  Discussions arose about ‘housekeeping’ things like font, spacing and photographs. Writers who want photos included are to please send them to Robyn Dodds. At this stage it is still uncertain what will be done regarding printing so photos need to be in both formats. Please send photos as colour and greyscale. If you are unable to change the format of the photo Robyn can run them through Photoshop. She will also need to know where the photo needs to be, bearing in mind that a different size page makes a difference where the photo can be placed.  The next meeting of group will be Tuesday 5 December and will be a festive break-up meeting.

BEAUDESERT QUOTA TURNS 41 – Quota International of Beaudesert will celebrate 41 years of service in the community with a chat and a cuppa  at 10am on Friday, 24 November, at the Meeting room at Arts and Information Centre. RSVP to Rosemary Ryan on 0409 265 472.

BEAUDESERT ROTARY  – Youth Director and team, under Linda Jackson, are looking for exchange students to go overseas in 2018.Email  Linda Jackson or for further details. A year studying overseas is a wonderful experience that can never be repeated and students come back with a whole wonderful new outlook on life. Students in Years 10,11,12 may apply.

BEAUDESERT CAROLS –   The 3nd Annual Rotary Beaudesert Carols in the Park, Wednesday,  6 December. 

ROTARY 60 YEARS – Beaudesert Rotary Club is in its 60th year. The club commenced in 1957, chartering on 14 September.  AGM is 24 November. Rotarians who are unable to attend each Tuesday night please phone Lesley Turton on 0411 226 289 to apologise.  Please order and pay for your meals at the downstairs bar. Meeting attendees fee is $5 to dDuty officers at the door of upstairs meeting room. Beaudesert Rotary Christmas Party: Held at Denis & Yvonne Bettridge’s home on 13 December 6pm $20 each. Next meeting is Tuesday, 21 November.

WOODHILL SOCIAL DANCE IN RECESS – Glenda and Al thank the lovely group of dancers and non dancers who attended the Woodhill Social Dance through the year. It was really wonderful to have Mike Woollett play some of his great music at the breakup dance. Bluecare appreciates the donation from the dances. It's been so enjoyable, it will start again next year - date to be advised. Dancers, have a safe and relaxing Christmas! Glenda and Al Look forward to seeing you back next year. 

MEMORIAL SERVICE – A Memorial Mass for the late Beaudesert Parish Priest of St Mary’s, Father Michael McKeaton is on Thursday, 23 November, at 5.30pm at St Mary’s. All are welcome. RIP Father Michael.

OPEN MIC NIGHTS POSTPONED – The Centre postponed the proposed November/December Beaudesert/ Boonah Open Mic Nights, now rescheduled February 2018. Queries or 55405050.

PRE-POLL VOTING – People on the Electoral Roll may vote in working hours at Shays old Chemist Shop, William St, Beaudesert each working day including Friday 24 November. There are times when it is not possible to vote on polling day and Postal Votes can be lost in transit.

WOMEN IN VOICE – Hit the high notes as Women in Voice bring an eclectic mix of rock, opera, soul, disco and pop to Boonah in one stellar performance with Katie Noonan, Kate Miller-Heidke and The Kransky Sisters in Boonah Cultural Centre on Saturday, 25 November, plus regulars and newcomers, delivering an evening of great entertainment celebrating the female voice. Alison St Ledger, Pearly Black, Ellen Reed, Bridget Boyle and Alicia Cush will be on stage. Tickets are $38 for adults, $32 for concessions. Queries and bookings phone 5540 5050, or Boonah Cultural Centre or The Centre Beaudesert.


By Natalie McDonald, Phone 5463 8285

SUNDAY AFTERNOON OF DANCING – Enjoy a Sunday Afternoon of Dancing at Kalbar School of Arts Hall on Sunday November 19 from 1pm to 4.30pm.  Admission $10 – high school students $5, includes afternoon tea and lucky door prize. Variety of dances and a raffle will be held. Organised by Boonah Shire Disability Support Group Inc, supporting: Scenic Rim Aqua Fitness Centre and Kalbar School of Arts. All welcome, for more information 5463 8191.

 TEMPLIN HISTORIC MUSEUM – Our reports from Templin Historic Museum are written by Gill Wells who volunteers at the museum each week. This week she writes: A very busy time is going on at Templin between now and Christmas, so watch this space. First of all, as you know we are having the school reunion coming up on the 25th of this month. We are open from 10am until 2pm that day and it really is for passed pupils and relatives and friends of Templin. Then on the 17th December we are having a family fun day which is primarily for the launch of John Long's book. There will be an indigenous theme with dance displays and music along with other exciting things, not least of which will be an art exhibition. More will be revealed later. The Lady Weigle exhibition is still going strong so if you haven't seen it yet do pop along. The school is being cleaned within an inch of its life and already looks wonderful though it’s only half done. So do come and see us there is lots to see. The museum is open from 9.30am until 3.30pm on Sundays and other times by appointment.  For bookings phone 5463 1970.

WOMEN IN VOICE – Women in Voice will be presented at Boonah Cultural Centre on Saturday, November 25 at 7.30pm.   Hit the high notes as Women in Voice bring an eclectic mix of rock, opera, soul, disco and pop to Boonah in one stellar performance. This talented line-up of some of the finest female voices has been entertaining audiences for almost a quarter of a century. Katie Noonan, Kate Miller-Heidke and The Kransky Sisters are just some of those who have, at some stage, been part of the line-up. The performance will include a mix of regulars and newcomers backed by the four-piece Women in Voice band, led by master musician Steve Russell. In this year's concert, Alison St Ledger, Pearly Black, Ellen Reed, Bridget Boyle and Alicia Cush will take to the stage. Tickets still available at $38 for adults and $32 for concessions. For further details or to buy tickets, go to, phone 5540 5050 or visit the box office at Boonah Cultural Centre or The Centre Beaudesert.

ROTARY CLUB NEWS – Rotary Club of Fassifern Valley (RCFV) held a Remembrance Day Commemoration with guest speaker Chaplain Rob Packer, 6 ESR Amberley on November 8.  This year is particularly significant as October 31 was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba, fought by the Australian Light Horse on horseback. It is no coincidence that we gathered at the Australian Wild Camel Farm, Summerland, the former home of filmmaker Charles Chauvel, Director of Forty Thousand Horsemen, and nephew of General Sir Henry Chauvel, who led the charge at Beersheba, which captured the Turkish stronghold with the loss of 31 Australians. November is a busy month for a lot of people, for Rotarians it is a time for finding  awardees that we can send to the youth camps.  Coming up from December 2 to 8 is Rotary Youth Transition Seminar for 17-18 year olds, a great program for year 11 students going into their senior year as leaders. Nominations close on November 15.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award is coming up soon, from January 20 to 25 for anyone in the 19-28 year old age group.  It offers inspirational mentors, motivational speakers and the opportunity to learn some invaluable life skills.  November is also the time that we send our nominations for the 2nd annual RCFV Citizenship Award to each of our seven associated schools. The bursary is for a year 6 students going into high school to help them with their further education.  Our annual commitment of sending Digger Boxes care packages) to our ADF personnel serving overseas continues, and we will be packing the boxes at Harrisville School on November 29. The next dinner meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 22 at Royal Hotel Harrisville 6.30pm for 7.00pm, when Neil and Jenny Summerson will speak of their recent tour of Europe.


By Pamela Hardgrave, Phone 5544 3174


INFORMATION CENTRE – Each year the information centre is audited to ensure that it meets the criteria set out by QICA to enable it to display the italic i. When travelling and you see the blue sign with the yellow i you will know that the centre is affiliated with the Queensland Information Centre Association.   You can be assured that the services provided will be top quality.

MEMORIAL GROUNDS   A different breed of bike riders came to Rathdowney last Friday.  These were pedal powered and riding through the Scenic Rim to raise funds for 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation Ltd.  They stayed overnight at Beaudesert and arrived at the Memorial Grounds via Kerry and Hillview to enjoy a stop with sandwiches, cakes and trays of fruit put together by canteen convenor, Colleen.  They left, heading up Palen Creek to branch off up to Barney View down to Bigriggen and on to Boonah for a swim and massage.   The next day’s riding sounded quite challenging too – Mt Alford, Kalbar, Peak Crossing and Roadvale then to Beaudesert for dinner at the Golf Club. The aim of 4 Aussie Heroes is to establish Camp Courage in the Scenic Rim as a retreat where first responder and military personal suffering and struggling with their lives can receive help and support in a peaceful rural environment.  Equine and Canine therapy as well as yoga, meditation, day trips, sporting activities hobbies and counselling will all play an important part in the program provided.  

SWIMMING POOL –  At the moment the pool is closed to the public and it will remain so until negotiations between thecouncil and DET are completed.  School swimming has recommenced.

FIRST AID   On Friday,17 November the Casualty Centre will be providing an opportunity for you to update your CPR certificate, complete a First Aid or Childcare First Aide course on the day.  Contact 0428 868 541 to register. There is no prior homework. The day will start at 8.30am and all courses are nationally accredited.

CONGRATULATIONS - Rosie Downes a Year 7 student at the Beaudesert High School on receiving an Academic Gold Merit Award at the Awards Night recently.

MEN’S SOCCER - The Bowling Green was taken over by some Super Heroes last Saturday when Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and their super mates did some team bonding over a few ends of barefoot bowls. Later, in the cool of the evening and after some strenuous and competitive bowling they lit up the barbeque and enjoyed a few hours of socialising. 

DANCE – The Hall Committee will be holding their Mrs & Miss Rathdowney dance on Saturday, 12th of November. There will also be categories for Miss Junior, Miss Minor and Miss Tiny Tot.  Technic Tones will start playing at 7.30pm.  Monster Multi Draw raffle and novelty dance prizes.

Breastscreening – The Breast Screen van will be at the Beaudesert Hospital until December 14, ring 132050 to make an appointment ladies.