Make time to consider candidates wisely

What would you ask of your election candidates if you could have five minutes with them? 

Fewer than three weeks remain until the Queensland state government elections; and the contest for seats in parliament is unfolding rapidly.

Voters are no doubt considering their options for when they cast their vote.

Having the right to vote is, of course, a privilege. The right and opportunity to have a say in the future of a local council, a territory or state, or a country is a privilege denied to many people around the world.

It is one that should never be taken for granted and votes should never be cast flippantly. Every vote counts.

For this reason, voters must take responsibility for their poll – for reaching out to candidates, finding out who they are and what they stand for before heading to the polling place.

There are several candidates contesting the seat of Scenic Rim and before the month is out, one will have a mandate to act in the best interests of this electorate and its people, and to champion their causes.

Multiple candidates serve communities well, because democracy is best practised when there is plenty of choice for voters to consider but it also means voters are presented with a plethora of election promises and motherhood statements, which is to be expected during any election campaign.

However, promises are one thing – delivering on them is another.

Beaudesert Times is therefore asking readers to send us the questions they would like to ask candidates. We will put forward a selection of them, and report candidate responses in video and print formats.

Email your questions to – type “candidate question” into the subject line – and include your name, electorate and contact number.

Then watch for candidate responses – come to know who your candidates are, what they stand for and how likely they are to deliver on their promises.

Candidates may have only 17 days left to win votes but the voters also still have as many days left to fully consider who they believe would be the most suitable person to help guide their electorate. 

Place your vote mindfully, as the future of the Scenic Rim is too important to cast a vote without first considering the positions and policies of those standing for election.