Tamborine residents protest plans for Main Street

MAIN STREET: The Village Greens project is starting next week, but at least 400 people are not happy about it. Photo: Supplied
MAIN STREET: The Village Greens project is starting next week, but at least 400 people are not happy about it. Photo: Supplied

SCENIC Rim Regional Council’s plans for the beautification of Tamborine Mountain’s Main Street have made some residents unhappy, with a petition signed by more than 400 people calling for a halt to the project.

Julie Wilkinson, spokesperson for the group objecting to the project, said residents on the mountain included artisans and creatives who had put forward ideas more in keeping with the history of the town.

“Tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the area and to get away from modern structures,” she said.

“The contemporary design and impractical nature of the current plan is not going to suit the character of Main Street.

“The new project provides no parking, no toilets and no water to maintain the gardens.

“People on Mount Tamborine want to retain the atmosphere of a country town with centre parking.”

Ms Wilkinson said council had advertised that models of the sculptures to be installed on Main Street would be on display at the local library.

“They even announced recently that they had been on display but I went there every day and didn’t see them,” she said.

“The community hasn’t even seen the final plans of the project.”

Ms Wilkinson said the community consultation process was a farce.

“I went to all the consultations and they were about presenting an already laid-down plan rather than really listening to the people who live on Mount Tamborine,” she said.

“Locals have a vision of how they would like people to see the mountain and it just feels like we’ve now had something forced on us without giving us a fair go with consultation.”

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said council would commence construction of the Village Greens stages of the Main Street town centre master plan next week.

“For many in our community this change is exciting, for others it is scary and uncomfortable,” he said.

“I acknowledge there are some in the Tamborine Mountain community who are not supportive of the town centre master plan.

“I respect their right to express that opinion and rally others to their viewpoint, but it does concern me that the premise of a petition currently circulating in the community is based on misinformation.

“That said, failing to yield to the fixed view of a minority opposed to change does not mean we have somehow failed to listen to the community.”

Cr Christensen said the plans met with approval from the majority of locals and were formed after extensive community consultation at every stage since 2015.

“Specific to the delivery of the Village Greens stage of the Main Street master plan, a further period of public exhibition and community consultation was undertaken in early 2017,” he said.

“Throughout the two-year process to date, the concepts of the town centre master plans have been further revised and refined through further community feedback.”