Kooralbyn smashed by hailstones

HOLY HAILSTONE: Jemma Reed's front yard during yesterday's hail storm. Photo: Supplied
HOLY HAILSTONE: Jemma Reed's front yard during yesterday's hail storm. Photo: Supplied

Kooralbyn was hit by heavy hail yesterday, October 10, and residents said they were unprepared for how quickly the storm arrived.

Kooralbyn resident Roz Quinton said there was hardly time for her to put her car undercover and move her horse to shelter.

“It came on so quickly, my husband went down to see to the horse and we managed to get my car under a shade cloth, but the car still got damaged and the horse got smashed with hail while my husband was stuck under the shelter in the paddock,” she said.

“Luckily she had a rug on and was unharmed but we just didn’t have much time –  it started to hail even before it rained, it was deafening and it went on for a full 20 minutes.

“The wind was horrendous too, although not as bad as the big storm earlier this year.”

A spokesperson for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said there was not much damage reported to them.

“There was only one SES job in the area, for a skylight broken by a cricket ball-sized piece of hail,” he said.

An Energex spokesperson said there were no reported storm-related outages anywhere in the Scenic Rim.

Jemma Reed, from Kooralbyn, said the storm was frightening.

“We were driving home and it came as a big black cloud out of nowhere,” she said.

“It was absolutely insane, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

“Normally in a storm like that you get rain first and then the hail itself only lasts for about 10 minutes but this was pure hail and the rain came later.

“Thankfully our car wasn’t damaged but I picked up hailstones that covered my entire palm and one of our neighbours had smashed windscreens on all four of their cars.”

Meteorologist Richard Wardle from the Bureau of Meteorology said yesterday’s storm only really made an impact in Kooralbyn, with other areas unscathed. 

“There were reports of golf ball-sized hail and 33 mililitres of rain in 30 minutes, with 22 mililitres landing in 15 minutes,” he said.

Mr Wardle said the BOM had that morning forecast possible gusty thunderstorms for the Scenic Rim  and had issued warnings throughout the afternoon.

He said there are a couple of ways for people to be more informed about the likelihood of severe weather events.

“You can download the BOM weather app or make sure to check the forecast in the mornings or when the sky starts to darken,” he said.