Extra staff for Beaudesert child safety centre

Beaudesert MP Jon Krause at the Child Safety Services Centre in Beaudesert.
Beaudesert MP Jon Krause at the Child Safety Services Centre in Beaudesert.

A recent comprehensive review on the operation of the state’s Child Safety system has prompted the Queensland government to employ extra staff at the Child Safety Service Centre in Beaudesert.

Beaudesert MP Jon Krause, who fought to keep the centre in Beaudesert, welcomed the news and said child safety services were essential for our area.

“At the end of last year it looked like the child safety office here was going to be closed down and relocated to Jimboomba,” he said.

“We had to fight to keep it here and of course I’m glad to see additional resources directed to that office.”

Inga Williams, media advisor for Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman, said the recent report confirmed that frontline staff were under increased pressure from working with increasingly complex family problems.

“It was noted that the widespread use of the drug Ice compounds the effects of other factors such as other drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and family violence, mental health issues and poverty,” Ms Williams said.

“We are seeing increased levels of harmful neglect where Queensland parents are using Ice regularly.

“We know 69 per cent of children coming into contact with the department where one or both parents have an issue with ice are in ice corridors in the south-east corner of our state, bordering the Beaudesert Child Safety Service Centre catchment.

“In response to this growing demand, an extra staff member was deployed to the Beaudesert  Child Safety Service Centre last financial year as part of an extra 129 new staff in Queensland.

“We are currently shortlisting interviews at the Beaudesert Child Safety Service Centre for three staff to start immediately.

“An additional staff member will be employed by the end of the year and another staff member scheduled to come on board in early 2018 as part of our 292 new staff announced in this year’s budget.

“The funding and extra staff for the Beaudesert region will assist vulnerable families, tackling complex matters as well as the rising issue of ice addiction.

“Not only will this benefit the parents and children involved but also the Beaudesert community.”