From the Mayor's Desk column

Many of you would be well aware of my passionate belief that our region is in the midst of a fantastic period of opportunity.

Conversations I have had across the region over the past few weeks, with a wide range of community members and business people, has only confirmed to me that many share that same optimism.

Council's processes for transferring property indicate we are experiencing a record year of property trading. This tells me Scenic Rim is a happening place for investment.

The extraordinary success of our Eat Local Week events this year has also demonstrated that our city cousins crave what we have here in Scenic Rim and that they are willing to pay to share a brief experience of our produce, environment and lifestyle.

For some this visitation represents disruption but the reality is that the future of our economy relies, in part, on embracing visitors and tourism.

The reality is that change is a constant. For some in our community change is exciting, for others it is scary and uncomfortable. But, however we choose to respond, change will still happen.

Council is working hard to grapple with these difficult issues as our regional economy goes through the period of change. We are committed to upholding the goals and values of the Scenic Rim Community Plan which provides guidance on how to deal sensitively with this growth (change).

As a Council, we are focused on ensuring that our core infrastructure, particularly roads and bridges as key economic corridors, continue to be maintained and renewed in a sustainable manner.

However, now is also a time for us to begin the task of renewing other facets important to our communities. I have been delighted by the community's response to some of our plans for new local playgrounds which we have circulated on social media.

Along with these, we continue to work on solutions for our public spaces which celebrate our communities but also improve the serviceability and amenity of these areas.

Outstanding public facilities are not only great for our community, but are also great drawcards for others to share.

Our challenge as a Council is not to hold back growth in our region, but to embrace and control growth so that it respects our region, its character and people while ensuring the strongest foundation for the future.

I expect this will mean many more conversations across our communities to bring clarity to that journey. I simply ask that we remain respectful and open-minded as we work together to shape the best future for our Scenic Rim.

 – Mayor Greg Christensen