Jimboomba businessman to run for One Nation for the state seat of Logan

Up for the challenge: Jimboomba businessman Scott Bannan will run for the state seat of Logan promising to fight for a major upgrade to the Mount Lindesay Highway if elected. Photo: Joshua Paterson.
Up for the challenge: Jimboomba businessman Scott Bannan will run for the state seat of Logan promising to fight for a major upgrade to the Mount Lindesay Highway if elected. Photo: Joshua Paterson.

Former world kickboxing champion, Jimboomba local and Beaudesert Kingfishers under 10s coach Scott Bannan is now fighting for the people of Logan in the next Queensland election.

Mr Bannan, who runs a successful concreting business and is well known for running the Supercross events at the popular Jimboomba X Stadium, and who owns property in the Scenic Rim, has been selected as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate for Logan.

The Jimboomba resident said his motivation came from his frustration at what he viewed as the lack of progress for the people of Logan.

“People have lost faith in the major parties, they consider them the enemy, they seem to take, take, take; it’s all backwards, they are supposed to represent the people, they're not doing what the people want and that’s obvious; so instead of sitting back I thought it was time to step up, work with the community and turn things around," he said.

“I want to get in there and give the locals someone that will fight for what they need and deserve. 

“They want someone that lives here and knows what is happening here.”

As a lifelong local Mr Bannan felt he is well placed to campaign for change on major issues such as the Mount Lindsey Highway.

“I drive on these roads every day and have for over 25 years and they’re a joke,” he said.

“Logan is a huge growth area, with Yarrabilba and Flagstone and all the other new estates, the area is growing rapidly and all the main roads are 20 years behind already, the little that’s been done has been like a band aid.”

Mr Bannan said he views his lack of government experience as a good thing.

“The fact is I’m from the real world, I’m not a career politician, I’ve had to juggle bills, support my family with my bare hands,” he said.

“Almost all of One Nation’s candidates have run their own businesses, run farms and the like, they're all from the real world; if anyone of us ran our business like the government has been run we would have been declared bankrupt 20 times over.”

Mr Bannan said Buderim MP and Queensland One Nation leader Steve Dickson was one of the reasons behind his decision to finally enter state politics.

“It was a hard decision to make,” he said.

“I went and had lunch with Steve and I just got a great vibe from the bloke; he’s the real deal; he’s got his heart and soul into it and we we’re on the same page on almost everything. 

“So I’ve gone from being pretty nervous to jumping out of my skin, I’m that keen to get in there and shake up the system; I’m not a puppet, I’m not scared to upset the bureaucrats to get our voices heard.”

Passionate about motorsport Mr Bannan admits to spending about a year as a member of a motorcycle club, but was quick to add it was a decade ago and he was not concerned about potential political mudslinging during the election campaign.

“I was a member of the Hells Angels 10 years ago, for about a year, bikes are my life, I’ve always had a Harley, I’ve raced road bikes, motocross and obviously I promote Supercross; I joined the club because of some old friends, I realised the club wasn't for me so I left,” he said. 

“I understand that some think just because you were in a club you’re a criminal; I have no criminal record and zero criminal history.

“I’ve been warned about how nasty the other two main parties get digging up anything they can find, my mates are all having bets on what headlines they can come up with, but I’m a big boy I can handle it. 

“I've lived here my whole life, I went to school here, I work here, my kids went to school here, I’m too well known here for dirty tactics too work.”

Mr Bannan said his only pledge would be to work hard for positive outcomes for the electorate.

“I’m not going to make all these empty election promises, but from what I’m hearing from people is that priorities for the area are road infrastructure, electricity prices, unemployment, public transport and law and order,” he said.

“If elected I will host community forums to ensure every time I go to parliament, I’ll be fighting for what Logan wants me to fight for.

“What I will promise is I’ll bust my backside for the people, I’ll get their message across, and I’ll fight for what they want me to fight for, I won’t stop fighting till we get what we need in Logan.

“The two major parties have lost their way and are only interested in getting elected; I’m interested in doing what is right for Logan, it is time to put people before politics.

“I know I’m the guy for the job and I’don’t let people down.”