Beechmont cheesemaker’s flavoursome creations tickles tastebuds

SCENIC Rim’s White Gold Creamery co-owner describes the cheesemaking process as a magical experience, right from the very beginning when she receives her first batch of milk.

Speaking at Eat Local Week’s Wild Canary Producers Lunch, Bronwyn Lind said her career path as a cheesemaker was an exciting venture.

“That first cup of milk when you see the curds being formed –  that’s when the magic happens,” she said.

“I’m not the world’s most patient person, just as Michael (my husband), but the process of cheese making teaches one patience and the cheddar you tasted today was 14 months in the making.”

Ms Lind was among several producers from the region, including Peak Veggie Patch, Ayton Farm and Tommerup’s Dairy Farm owners, who spoke yesterday at North Brisbane restaurant Wild Canary.

Fresh vegetables, creamy cheeses and pork with crackling on the side were just some of the items of food on the menu at Wild Canary Producers Lunch.

Executive chef Glen Barratt showcased some of Scenic Rim’s best produce with a five-course degustation lunch, using Ms Lind’s cheese in the first course.

Coming from chemistry backgrounds, Ms Lind said she enrolled in a cheesemaking course years ago after seeing a farmer milk his cow and became fascinated by the process.

“I made a different cheese every week for one year so I did everything right through to ricotta to parmesan,” she said.

Ms Lind said she then began entering in competitions with her own creations.

“The judges, that were quite well-renowned and both cheesemakers and distributors, said ‘you won every catergory that we’ve got, maybe you should think of doing this a bit more seriously’ so that planted the seed in my head (to buy a creamery),” she said.

The Beechmont resident said she and her husband opened their Gold Coast Creamery two years ago and used milk produced by Scenic Rim’s Tommerups Dairy Farm.

“Having such a beautiful connection with such magnificent milk, there was no point replicating what you can get from a supermarket,” Ms Lind said.

“It was our goal to make something truly regional that speaks of place.”

The event was in the lead up to Scenic Rim Eat Local Week which will be held from June 24 to July 2, to encourage Brisbane residents to visit the region’s activities such as farm tours, producer lunches, cooking classes.