Beaucare celebrates therapy dog’s first birthday

A BEAUDESERT community organisation has celebrated their therapy dog’s first birthday with hopes he will become a greater asset to the team.

Beaucare marked their dog Beau’s special day with community members and groups, including Beaudesert Aged Care and Beauy Buddies disability group members, at Ken Moran Life Centre.

Community support coordinator Tracy Kvassay said the event was for community members to see how much Beau has grown.

“It was good to get him out and about and meeting people and we also wanted to thank everyone who helped us with Beau’s training and people who have supplied him with food and care.”

Last year, the agency introduced the labradoodle to the public and joined the agency as a companion dog staff members would use during sessions with children.

Ms Kvassay said Beau was still in training but has already begun his dog duties at Beaucare.

“He’s now coming into sessions with children and domestic violence workers as part of Beaucare’s programs,” she said.

“They take Beau on walks, feed him or he is in the session and we have seen that his presence has been therapeutic for children.”

Ms Kvassay said Beau has become a very sociable and intuitive companion to clients.

“It’s great to have Beau around – he is an asset to the team –  and he is starting to pick up people’s emotions which is great,” she said.

“He is calmer now that he is getting out of that puppy stage and he snuggles up to someone if they’re sad or anxious and help them cope.”

Ms Kvassay said with more training, Beau would become more involved in other programs at Beaucare.