School celebrates Under 8’s Day and receives a special visit | Photos, video

GLENEAGLE State School students were in awe, watching a sniffer dog find a hidden toy during an educational visit from a Biosecurity Queensland senior inspector.

Prep to year 3 students received a visit from three guest speakers to talk about pet care, animals bites and personal safety on Thursday, May 25.

As part of the Australian Veterinary Association PetPep School Visit Program, presenters veterinarian Ian Gallagher, senior inspector Greg Horrocks and RSPCA volunteer Louise Robson, brought their dogs and presented interactive talks with students.

Teacher Saffron Bretell said students enjoyed listening to the guest speakers and were eager to learn more.

“The talks were excellent – they were informative and fun,” she said.

“The students loved that they were able to engage with the animals and they were interested about the topics the speakers were discussing.”

Jimboomba and Beaudesert Veterinary Surgery veterinarian doctor Ian Gallagher with Labrador Oscar.

Jimboomba and Beaudesert Veterinary Surgery veterinarian doctor Ian Gallagher with Labrador Oscar.

Ms Bretell said students did not shy away from answering and asking questions.

“We now have a pet bird at school and our multi-age classes have taken on the job of caring for him,” she said.

“During the talks, students were asking lots of questions about how to best take care of the bird.”

Ms Bretell said students listened very well and were able to discuss what they learnt in class the following day.

To coincide with the program, Gleneagle State School followed the animal theme and celebrated under 8s day.

Students took part in several activities stationed around the playground, including painting, playing duck duck goose and feeding farm animals at a petting zoo pen.

Teacher Tamara Burchill said there were activities stationed in the playground that followed the national Under 8s Week theme Country to Coast.

“It’s all about celebrating the students’ work and inspiring learning through play,” she said.

Ms Burchill said the event has continued to grow over the years with the school expanding their games and play stations.

“This year, we have plenty of activities for students but this time we have incorporated animals to be a part of it all,” she said.

“The children absolutely love it and have described it as an ‘awesome and fun day’.”