High achievers shine brightly at Boonah gallery

BOONAH State High School opened its first art exhibit last week, featuring top performing art students’ work from Year 8 to 12.

More than 90 people attended the school’s Kick stART exhibition opening on Wednesday, May 10 at Boonah Regional Art Gallery.

All year levels delved into different forms of art, including clay modelling, sketching and stitching.

Their work will be displayed at the gallery until Sunday, May 21.

Industry liaison officer Kelly Skewes said the exhibition was well received by the community with a wave of visitors coming through the gallery door since the opening.

“The exhibition was a way for students to be more involved in the local art scene that is prevalent in Boonah,” she said.

Ms Skewes said a number of guests who have admired the art have left positive messages in the gallery’s visitor book.

“It’s an exciting thing for students to see their work in the public eye and for their pieces to be shown in the heart of town,” she said.

“For them to have their pieces displayed in a gallery makes it more real for students.”

Ms Skewes said the experience would also help grow the connection between the school and the community.

Year 11 student Lainey Treadaway’s self portrait Beautiful in Nepali is one of the pieces being displayed in the gallery.

Her sketch was also selected to be the backdrop for Kick stART exhibition’s opening night invitations.

Lainey said this was the first time she had been recognised for her creative talent.

“I’ve always loved art and could never get enough of it but it wasn’t until this year that my creativeness really came out,” she said.

Lainey said the task of creating a self-portrait was a big learning curve that brought her creative flare to the surface.

“Creating Beautiful in Nepali was very confronting because you have to reflect on yourself, think more creatively and delve into your interests,” she said.

Lainey said during the 10-week process, she had to plan every detail to make the drawing.

“We first picked a collection of pictures and I chose a mountain because I’ve always been fascinated but constellations and the mountains in Nepal,” she said.

“After mapping it out, I had to scale the drawing onto the paper and come up with a whole concept for it so it took a lot of time and effort but it was worth it.”

As well as having top marks in art and this experience under her belt, Lainey is also working towards a Certificate III in graphic fundamentals at TAFE.