St Mary’s school hosts morning tea for mothers | Photos

ST MARY’s Catholic Primary School showed their appreciation for mother’s in their school community by treating them to a morning tea.

More than 40 mothers and grandmothers spent this morning with staff, parents and children and were served fruit, cakes and coffee before school began.

Mel Carter said she enjoyed being a mother because of the love she receives from her children.

“I love the warm fuzzy feelings you get, the cuddles in the morning and kids jumping into bed with you,” she said.

Principal Kevin Billion said it was important to thank mothers, including those who are teachers, staff and Parents and Friends members.

“We have a very strong parent engagement in this community and it gives children the chance to spend the morning with their mothers before school,” he said.

School students have been making cards and trinkets and purchasing a gift from a Mother’s Day stall in the lead up to Mother’s Day.