Local woman chooses chemical free lifestyle

A VERESDALE Scrub resident is on a mission to educate people on chemical free living after having experienced the benefits first hand.

Due to health issues, beauty therapist Myleigh Taylor said she began researching healthy food options and chemical free products 10 years ago and has never looked back.

“I started cutting one thing out at a time and I also didn’t want my kids to have too much exposure to all those chemicals,” she said.

“When I would run out of a product, instead of going out and buying something, I would look at whether or not I could make it myself.”

Ms Taylor said she has saved time and money by making her own products at home and noticed a significant improvement in her family’s health.

“It’s safer and I know what I’m using, when my daughter pokes out her tongue when I’m using hairspray, I don’t have to worry about what she is exposed to because it’s simply sugar and water,” she said.

Ms Taylor said not many people were aware that an average woman applied up to 500 chemicals to their skin a day.

She said she wanted people to understand how easy, affordable and healthy it was to make chemical free products.

“It’s a very strong passion of mine to encourage people to make better choices and to take ownership of what they are using in their homes and on their bodies,” she said.

“Most of my recipes take five minutes to make and normally there’s two or three ingredients in each product that can be used to make another product.”

Due to the interest Ms Taylor received from local residents, she launched her website The Clean Living Clinic in November last year with the option of purchasing her homemade DIY kits.

“When I first started researching about a chemical-free lifestyle, I found it hard to get support and that is why I wanted to offer tips, recipes and advice to people,” she said.

Ms Taylor said she was pleasantly surprised at the popularity her website had gained over the past few months.

“It has grown really quickly and the DIY kits have sold out already, I’m in the process of repackaging the next lot,” she said.

Ms Taylor said she was eager to release more of her recipes soon, including a spray to help with insomnia.

For more information, call Ms Taylor on 0411489404.