Sharon keeps doors open for Kingfishers Playgroup

AN educator has taken it upon herself to keep the Kingfishers Playgroup running, after previous management were ready to close the doors on the facility.

At Home Family Day Care Scheme manager Sharon Richards volunteered for the position to continue the community service that has run for the past 25 years.

Partnered with Playgroup Queensland and Beaudesert Uniting Church, Ms Richards said the play group was about to shut down due to the shortage of children who were attending.

“We have been running for six weeks and it’s great, we have had a few more parents coming recently now that the word is out,” she said.

Ms Richards sets up a book corner, a drawing area, a play-doh table and outdoor activities every Friday morning at Beaudesert Uniting Church and produces weekly programs for children to partake in.

She said she has received positive feedback on the children’s personal growth from parents and caretakers who have brought them to the Kingfishers Playgroup on a weekly basis.

“One boy has problems interacting with other children and his speech is not fantastic,” she said.

“This gives him a safe place outside of his home and away from a busy environment like a childcare to improve his social development.”

Ms Richards said she had big plans for the playgroup but still feared there could be a chance of the service shutting down if it is not used.

“There is a need for day care here and this gives them access to it but not many people know that it is available to them,” she said.

“It would be a shame for something like this to close down.”

Ms Richards said the service was more affordable than childcare and gave parents and carers a place to socialise and work together.

“Some mums meet up on a Friday here so it gives them an opportunity for them and their children to catch up,” she said.

Kingfishers Playgroup runs on Friday mornings at Beaudesert Uniting Church from 9am until 11am.

For more information, call on 0418 291 360.