Sammy shaves hair for Summer

A VERESDALE Scrub State School student has braved the shave for his friend who is battling Leukaemia.

Cedar Grove boy Sammy Pearce was more than happy to get his hair lopped off in front of the school to support Summer Hews.

Sammy said his mother told him someone else was shaving their head for the World’s Greatest Shave and it sparked his interest do join the challenge.

“Mum knew somebody that was going to do it so I then I said I could do the same for Summer, I did it to help,” he said.

Veresdale Scrub State School supported Sammy’s cause with a crazy hair day and a gold coin donation to go towards the World’s Greatest Shave, raising $168.

Karolina Hews said her daughter was overwhelmed by the response they received from the school and was happy the Pearce family were supporting her.

“They’re really good friends of ours and it’s just amazing that a ten-year-old wanted to do this for my girl,” she said.

“It’s so heartwarming that kids really want to help out other kids and it’s not all about their own toys and things they want to buy.”

Ms Hews said Summer was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia a week before her birthday in August last year.

“She has been undergoing treatments for six months and we’ll keep going, she has go through chemo until October 2018,” she said.

As well as saving for the World’s Greatest Shave, Sammy and his sister Daisy have also been selling wristbands to help Summer and have raised $9000.

Ms Hews said both children have done an amazing job to help and the money would go towards a trip of Summer’s choice when she finishes her treatment in 2018.

For more information on how to help Summer Hews, go to her Facebook page.