A new tale for children’s bedtime

NEW TALE: Helen Schiller Brilliant was excited to have her book arrive. Photo: Jocelyn Garcia
NEW TALE: Helen Schiller Brilliant was excited to have her book arrive. Photo: Jocelyn Garcia

A BEAUDESERT resident has caught the ‘writer’s bug’ after publishing her first children’s book and has two more bedtime stories in the making.

Helen Schiller Brilliant said she retold the story of Bluey the Fly is a Bully to her grandchildren about 10 years ago before putting her pen to paper.

“I thought wouldn’t it be great to write a story to read to them so that’s what I did, I sat down and wrote about Bluey the fly,” she said.

“I got a good reaction from my grandchildren so I thought if they love it then other children might also enjoy it too.

“By the time I began writing it all down, I knew it off by heart.”

Ms Schiller Brilliant said the story is about Bluey the fly and his friend Betty the butterfly who both have very different personalities – Bluey is mean and destructive while Betty is kind.

“Betty is trying to help him but he doesn’t respond very nicely, it’s all mean words and calling her names but she still calls out to his aid,” she said.

“Throughout the story, children will see Bluey realise how badly he has behaved towards her and apologises.”

Ms Schiller Brilliant said her previous experience as a daycare educator was part of her inspiration to write the book about bullying.

“You see lots of things and you see the children’s personalities coming out so the little things that they say and little things that they do impacted me to come up with a this story,” she said.

“I think it’s really important today to keep children’s minds in check, whatever a bully says to you, impacts the way you feel about yourself and this is one of the things that is brought to their attention.”

Ms Schiller Brilliant said she hoped the message of the book would help children to understand the difference in behaviours of others and how to react.

“The story is about compassion and it will teach children a different avenue to tackle things that upset them,” she said. 

For more information, go to Bluey the Fly is a Bully Facebook page or the online bookstore.