Jimboomba to host Stadium X event

Jump: A rider gets some air during the last stadium cross event at Jimboomba X Stadium in 2015.
Jump: A rider gets some air during the last stadium cross event at Jimboomba X Stadium in 2015.

The thrills and spills of stadium cross racing will further add to the excitement of Queensland Moto Park’s Motofest event on July 15.

Jimboomba X Stadium’s Scott Bannan confirmed his team will stage the event in the conjunction with Motofest at the Scenic Rim venue on July 15.

“I think it’ll be pretty big, they’re going to move their Motofest to the same weekend so we’re going to be doing it in conjunction with their Motofest, we’ll have side by side races and there will some special guests in the cars as well and we’ll take rides there, it’ll be more of a carnival than stadium cross,” he said.

Bannan said he is expecting a huge turnout of amateur riders to take part in what will be a full days racing.

“Stadium cross, it’s a little bit safer, you get a lot more entrants, supercross you might get 100 riders enter, stadium cross we will probably get 200,” he said.

“There’s amateurs involved in this one, whereas supercross is pretty much just professionals, it’s like a platform, in America they call it arena cross, but you have to actually go through the arena cross championship to be eligible to race supercross.

“It can be more exciting for the crowd because it’s closer racing and as much as no one wants to see anyone get hurt, there’s a lot more crashes because the boys pump each other pretty hard, there’s a lot of bar banging, and it’s a full day, supercross has four classes where as stadium cross can have ten.”

Bannan said though there will be plenty of amateurs racing, some of the biggest names in professional supercross have already signalled their intention to compete, with thousands of dollars in prize money on the line.

“The tracks are designed in a way so that pros like Wade Hunter, Kale Makeham, Brendan Harrison, we have a lot of top level pros still coming, those guys if you watch them ride the track it looks like they are riding a supercross track, they’ll jump four jumps in one, where as an amateur will do two, an amateur might take two jumps to hit a section, where Brendan Harrison will hit the whole lot in one go,” he said.

“Except for supercross this stadium cross series will be the highest paying championship in Australia, we’re paying over three rounds what the motocross nationals are paying over ten rounds.

“It’s $20,000 a round so $60,000 total, plus the prizes for winning so we’re not far off $70,000 for three rounds, where as motocross they’re 50 or 60 grand over ten rounds and they’re supposed to be a pro championship, where as we’re doing this for amateurs.”

Bannan said the day will be family friendly and offer something for everyone from the casual fan to the hardcore supercross fanatic.